Times-Gazette owners, publishers, editors through the years

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Editor’s note: The following chronology of Times-Gazette owners, publishers and editors since 1818 is based in part on a list compiled in 1993 for our 175th anniversary, and updates since then based on records and interviews. Special mention is due former editor Liz Johnson for her work on the 175th edition, and thanks to Phil Roberts, Rory Ryan, Jim Hardin and Betty Powell for additional information. Some dates overlap due to more than one person handling similar roles, especially the editor’s job, in some cases.

Moses Carothers, founder, publisher, editor, 1818-1827.

William H. Allen, 1827-1828.

William Keys, 1828-1829.

Dr. Jacob Kirby, Col. Moses Kirby, 1829-1830.

Dr. Jacob Kirby, Hiram Campbell, 1810-1838.

Jonas R. Emrie, 1838-1856.

John G. Doren, 1856-1857.

J.L. Hughes, B. Cravens and G.W. Tucker, 1857-1858.

William T. Logan, Frank Seaman, 1859.

William T. Logan, H.G. Armstrong, 1859.

William L. Logan, Frank Seaman, 1859-1860.

Henry S. Doggett , 1860-1862.

Samuel Pike, 1862-1863.

William S. Munnell, 1863-1865.

Saumel Pike, 1865-1867.

W.M. Maley, J.R. Marshall, 1867-1869.

J.R. Marshall, Reed Feagles, 1869-1872.

S.C. Springer Company, J.R. Marshall, 1872-1876.

J.R. Marshall 1876-1880, (J.W. Birdwell city editor 1877-1882).

J.R. Marshal, (First name unknown) Wright, 1883-1884.

R.T. Hough, R.M. Ditty, 1884-1890.

Ambrose Hough, editor, 1884-1914, owner 1890-1914.

M.H. Wedding, 1914-date unknown.

W.B. Kent, C.E. King, publishers, dates unknown.

W.B. Kent, business manager, H.C. McVey, managing editor, E.P. Bradstreet, editor, dates unknown.

C.E. King, editor, dates unknown.

H.C. McVey, managing editor, dates unknown.

Paul Harsha, owner, Earle Curtis editor, dates unknown.

H.E. “Dike” Barnes, publisher and editor, 1928-1973.

Harold Powell, editor, 1955-1977.

Rick Tuttle, editor, 1977-1985.

Rob Rodenfel, general manager, 1974 – 1978.

James Hardin, general manager, 1978-1986.

Gary Abernathy, editor, 1985-1991.

Phil Roberts, publisher, 1986-2002 (founded County Shopper 1978).

Liz Johnson, editor, 1991-1994.

Rory Ryan, editor, 1994-1998.

Steven “Pete” Sloan, editor, 1998-2000.

Tony Baughman, editor, 2000 – 2001.

Christie Gilpin, editor, 2001 – 2002.

Rory Ryan, publisher and editor, 2002-2009.

Pamela Stricker, publisher 2009-2011.

Steve Roush, editor, 2009-2012.

Gary Abernathy, publisher and editor, 2011-present.

Jeff Gilliland, editor, assistant editor, 2012-present.

In addition to individual owners, corporate owners have included: Galvin family newspapers (date unknown-1985); Brown Publishing (1985-2010); Ohio Community Media (2011-2012); Civitas Media (2012-2017); and AIM Media (2017-present).


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