Police: Man permitted lethal overdose, filmed it

AIM Media News Service

WILMINGTON — A man was arrested and jailed after Wilmington police say a victim of a fatal overdose was permitted to ingest a lethal amount of drugs by the suspect, the suspect filmed the victim’s physical reaction to the drug, and then lied to cover up his alleged crimes.

On April 7, 2017, Wilmington Police Department dispatch received a 911 call of an unresponsive male at 784 W. Locust St., according to WPD Chief Detective Josh Riley.

Riley stated that the responding units located Donald W. Cox Jr. on the living room floor of the residence. Cox was treated by members of the Wilmington Fire Department, and it was found that he was deceased.

“Through the course of the initial investigation it was determined Mr. Cox’s death was attributed to a potential overdose of heroin or a heroin/fentanyl mixture,” said Riley. Evidence was recovered at the scene by the responding patrol officers, he said.

“Detective Scott Baker began an in-depth investigation into the incident,” said Riley. “He was able to determine that the resident, Glenn Arledge, 34, of Yankee Road, permitted Mr. Cox to use an illegal drug inside his home. During Mr. Cox’s use of the drug Mr. Arledge filmed his reaction. Mr. Cox went into a state of overdose and began to have life-threatening issues.

“Instead of immediately contacting emergency services to assist Mr. Cox, Mr. Arledge waited a significant amount of time. When he eventually called 911 he attempted to portray a story line of waking up to find Mr. Cox in his current state.”

The case against Arledge was presented to the Clinton County Prosecutor’s Office and was eventually taken before the grand jury, Riley said, and an indictment against Arledge was returned for involuntary manslaughter and permitting drug abuse.

Arledge’s bond was set at $75,000.

“Our community, like many others, continues to deal with the opioid epidemic and overdose deaths associated with it,” said Riley. “Although there is constant debate on ways to help curb this issue, accountability is still a key portion. Our department will continue to investigate these cases and strive to bring those who sell the drugs and permit the abuse to justice.

“Many see the individual user as the sole person responsible for their actions. However, there are many players involved in this circle of death and until each person associated with a death is held accountable, the circle continues for another addicted user. We cannot and will not ignore those who take advantage of someone’s addiction for profit or pleasure and will do our best to pursue charges against anyone involved.”

AIM Media News Service