An invitation to visit Great Oaks

Harry Snyder

Harry Snyder

This is a thank you and an invitation to see your schools.

First, the thanks: In November, you agreed to renew our only local funding — a 2.7-mill levy which provides career-technical programs for high school students across southwest Ohio. We’re grateful for your support of our students, our outstanding instructors and staff, and the programs that are preparing thousands of young men and women for college and careers each year.

During January, each of the four Great Oaks campuses holds an open house. This open house gives future students and parents the opportunity to see the labs, talk with instructors, meet local business leaders in the career fields that interest them, and learn more about how to earn professional certifications while finishing high school.

I invite you to join us. Our community has helped create success for nearly 50 years at Great Oaks, and these open houses are a chance to see the schools you support. Our students work in classrooms and labs using the technology and equipment that professionals in their field use. They graduate with the ability and credentials to begin a career, or to give them a head start in college. From learning to program robotic manufacturing equipment to handling surgical tools and technology in a sterile setting to building new structures to caring for large and small animals and more, students in Southwest Ohio have unique opportunities here.

These opportunities are provided by you. Come and walk the halls and see our students’ future.

The open house dates and times are:

* Thursday, Jan. 24 — 5-7 p.m., Diamond Oaks Career Campus, 6375 Harrison Ave., Cincinnati,

* Thursday, Jan. 31 —5:30 to 7:30 p.m., Laurel Oaks Career Campus, 300 Oak Drive, Wilmington.

* Wednesday, Jan. 30 —5-7 p.m., Live Oaks Career Campus, 5956 Buckwheat Road, Milford.

* Thursday, Jan. 31, 5-7 p.m., Scarlet Oaks Career Campus, 300 Scarlet Oaks Drive (use 3254 E. Kemper Rd. for GPS directions), Cincinnati.

Harry Snyder is the president/CEO of Great Oaks Career Campuses.

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