No early release for Hillsboro crossbow shooter

Cluxton says he is reformed; Judge denies judicial release

By David Wright - [email protected]



A man who shot his girlfriend with a crossbow last spring was recently denied early release from prison after writing a letter to the court saying he is reformed.

Ian Cluxton, 38, Hillsboro, said in the letter that he had been attending work and therapeutic programs while incarcerated, and that he was prepared to re-enter society as a changed man.

As previously reported, Cluxton shot his girlfriend in the chest with a crossbow last March at a home on East Walnut Street in Hillsboro. The injury sent Kelley Boucher to Miami Valley Hospital in critical condition, where she underwent surgery to remove the bolt from her heart and other organs.

Cluxton was indicted in May and later pled guilty to felonious assault, a second-degree felony. He was sentenced in July to two years in prison.

Cluxton requested judicial release in a motion filed Jan. 25 in Highland County Common Pleas Court.

In a letter filed with the motion, Cluxton said “the good Lord does everything for a reason. He’s laid a better path out for me and my family in the long run by providing this time to reflect and realize the true blessings I possess in life.”

Cluxton said he hoped to return to work, as well as attend church and volunteer at local food ministries. He said he would stay at his parents’ home and replace the roof.

Cluxton said he was “positive I will eagerly embrace my role as a father and good Samaritan in the community. I will continue to work on myself as a whole, and strive to better myself in every way.”

Judge Rocky Coss denied the motion on Jan. 28, saying in an entry that Cluxton has “an extensive criminal history,” including felony convictions for breaking and entering and drug trafficking in Highland County, as well as several prior violent offenses in other jurisdictions.

“The offense in this case was committed with a crossbow which is a deadly weapon,” Coss said in the filing. “Further, the Defendant received the minimum sentence possible for the offense.”

Coss said he will deny all future motions for judicial release.

As previously reported, Boucher appeared in November in a promotional video for Premier Health/Miami Valley Hospital, with doctors and others involved in the incident describing how they helped her survive her injuries.

Promotional material released with the video said the shooting was accidental, although police said in March that it was intentional.

Pam Cluxton, Ian Cluxton’s mother, said in the video that after Cluxton shot Boucher, he “was just dumbstruck… he couldn’t even move, he couldn’t even speak. He was just sitting there staring.”

Boucher said doctors were surprised at how well she recovered.

“I didn’t really know where I got hit in all my organs until after I did the visit when he took my staples out of my stomach,” Boucher said. “I’m grateful that I had a team that worked on me and removed it and sewed me up. If it weren’t for all these people, my son would have no mother right now.”

Cluxton is incarcerated at Chillicothe Correctional Institution. According to court documents, he was granted 120 days of credit for jail time already served. He will be released March 5, 2020, according to online jail records.

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Cluxton says he is reformed; Judge denies judicial release

By David Wright

[email protected]