UPDATED: Hillsboro police chief resigns

Officials: Goudy’s timecard showed ‘discrepancies’

By David Wright - [email protected]



Hillsboro Police Chief Darrin Goudy resigned Friday after city officials said “discrepancies” were identified in his time sheet.

Hillsboro Safety and Service Director Mel McKenzie said Goudy was “given the option to resign” because officials found daily duty logs kept by dispatch did not always reflect what Goudy’s time sheet showed.

Mayor Drew Hastings said there were “instances where he called in sick” and regular work hours were shown on his time sheet rather than sick time, all while Goudy was still accruing sick time.

McKenzie described the discrepancies as “a very costly mistake” that “could not be ignored,” adding that while the reason for Goudy’s departure may seem minor to some — the safety and service director even said he felt the news would “surprise people” — state auditors would deem it an “impropriety.”

Hastings said if there had been a way to remedy the situation internally, the administration would have moved forward with it since “Mel and I really liked this chief” and “thought he did a good job overall.”

McKenzie said the city “had no choice.”

“Unfortunately, in his position, everything you do is under the microscope,” McKenzie said. “I don’t think he did anything intentionally, but it was a very costly mistake on his part. A very unfortunate mistake… He had to leave.”

McKenzie said there would be no criminal charges filed against Goudy.

The safety and service director also said a period of paid administrative leave for Goudy was never given final approval, and instead, the days leading up to Goudy’s resignation were counted as vacation time the chief had accrued.

McKenzie added that any rumors circulating about there being other reasons for Goudy’s resignation were bogus.

“Rumors are rumors, and rumors are going to spread through a small town for eternity,” he said. “The facts are the facts. Anything anybody else has heard through the grapevine did not play any part in the separation.”

As previously reported, Hillsboro Systems Administrator Eric Daniels, who is also a police officer, has been named interim chief.

McKenzie said Daniels will serve as the chief for an “indeterminate” amount of time.

In Goudy’s resignation letter, provided to The Times-Gazette by McKenzie, the chief said, “It has been a great experience to work with you, the Administration, and the staff of the Police Department. During my time here at the City there have been positive improvements and positive relationships with members of the Police Department and Administration.

“Hillsboro is a wonderful community. I have appreciated the opportunity to work for the City in a period of transition for the Police Department.”

Goudy became chief in December 2017.

According to Lt. Branden Jackman of the Paint Creek Joint EMS/Fire District, Goudy is also employed by the district as a part-time firefighter and EMT. Jackman said the district had no comment on the matter.

Goudy could not be reached for comment Friday.

Both the mayor and safety and service director said they regret Goudy’s departure.

“I’m just disappointed in the way it had to get played out,” said Hastings. “I think he’s a good man and we at the city wish him all the best.”

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Officials: Goudy’s timecard showed ‘discrepancies’

By David Wright

[email protected]