Greenfield incom tax levy, tied twice, passes in final results

BOE: Recount caught one ballot cast in favor

By David Wright - [email protected]

One vote was all it took to tip the scales in favor of an income tax levy for the Village of Greenfield on Tuesday after the issue was tied last week after the official count.

The levy, a continuance of an existing 0.125-percent levy for the maintenance, operation and repair of Greenfield City Hall, and to stimulate economic development within the village, passed on Tuesday after a final count tie last week triggered an automatic recount, elections officials said.

The recount, held Tuesday morning at the Highland County Board of Elections, yielded one ballot that did not go through the precinct scanner on Election Day, according to Steve Witham, elections administrator.

“We did verify that we had the physical ballots, the ballot stubs, the authorized vote slips, and the physical numbers matched the number of voters posted from the electronic poll books,” Witham said in an email.

On Tuesday, the final count showed 78 votes in favor of the levy and 77 against. There was one blank vote, according to the board of elections, where the voter made a decision on another issue but did not vote on the Greenfield levy.

City Manager Todd Wilkin thanked those who voted, saying the final count and recount felt like a “roller coaster.”

“We are grateful that we have the freedom to vote and that, as presented on this particular issue, all votes are counted and are valuable,” he said.

Wilkin said the levy will commence Oct. 1 of this year.

The levy generates $100,000 in revenue, he said, with $75,000 being used for maintenance and $25,000 for implementing an economic development plan Greenfield Village Council unanimously approved last year.

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BOE: Recount caught one ballot cast in favor

By David Wright

[email protected]