Jobs aplenty at RFL and Paint Creek

Seasonal, part-time positions indoors, outdoors

By Tim Colliver - [email protected]

Those that are still furloughed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, high school and college students, retirees or anyone who loves the outdoors are invited to apply for jobs at both Rocky Fork and Paint Creek state parks.

Brian Miller, southwest district manager for Ohio State Parks and Watercraft, told The Times-Gazette it’s a unique opportunity to work at two of the most beautiful locations in Highland County, if not southwest Ohio.

“What we’re looking for is seasonal help to work through the summer and into the fall at both Rocky Fork and Paint Creek Lake state parks,” he said. “Most of these jobs are maintenance in nature, but there are others that are retail staff.”

He said the employment opportunities at both parks include working in the camp stores and at the marina, in addition to outside park maintenance jobs that would involve cleaning of facilities, trail upkeep, mowing and trimming, and other tasks that would involve the outdoors.

“It’s not just for those who like to be outside,” he said. “We’ll be hiring some people to work at our retail establishments like the camp office at Rocky Fork and at Paint Creek, and the marina at Rocky Fork.”

For retail jobs at the camp stores, he said a person would be selling things like firewood, ice, snacks and helping people get checked in and out of their campsite. At the marina, they would be selling ice, snacks and gasoline for boaters.

“Keep in mind these are seasonal positions, and they’d be great for someone who is looking for a job such as a high school or college student,” Miller said. “Someone who is still out of work due to the pandemic is more than welcome to apply, as are those who may be retired and looking for a way to get out of the house and make a little extra money.”

He dispelled the notion that since summer is half over, there wouldn’t be much longevity to any of the jobs, adding that the available work would most likely extend through the end of October.

“We’re looking to hire folks at any age,” he said. “You have to be at least 16 years old to work in the retail establishments, and 18 to work in the maintenance environment.”

He said there were several opportunities for employment at both parks, with all jobs paying a competitive hourly wage and a work week of between 32 to 39 hours, but with flexibility for less hours if necessary, adding “we’ll work with any applicant right now to get them what they need hour-wise.”

“We hire each summer, and though these are seasonal and part-time jobs, full-time opportunities are rare but they do happen,” he said. “If we get someone who is good and enjoys the seasonal work, we love to bring people back year after year and who knows, that might be the year when something full-time happens.”

While he said those interested in a seasonal position at either state park can apply online at, he strongly recommended stopping by the park office, filling out an application and then being prepared for a phone call.

“We’re serious about staffing these positions at the parks,” he said. “We can get people started on the job in the next couple of days.”

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Seasonal, part-time positions indoors, outdoors

By Tim Colliver

[email protected]