GEVSD details reopening plan

Students have two options

By McKenzie Caldwell - [email protected]

The Greenfield Exempted Village School District (GEVSD) released its full plan to reopen for the 2020-21 school year Tuesday, during which students may attend classes in-person on a normal schedule or through a fully virtual platform. According to the district, this platform is different than the type of learning students did at the end of the 2019-20 school year.

A task force worked to develop the district’s reopening plan. GEVSD Superintendent Quincey Gray said the task force’s main focuses were the health and safety of students and staff members as well as providing students with the best learning experience and on-campus opportunities such as meals, social-emotional support, and interpersonal interactions.

In her back-to-school letter to parents, guardians and students, Gray said, due to the evolving nature of the situation, “A shift could occur with little notice, but together as a team, we can make the transition as smooth as possible.”

Following are some of the other major points from the 15-page document detailing the plan to open the GEVSD schools. The full plan can be viewed at

Option 1 plan

Under Option 1, students will physically attend classes five days per week, though they may be required to switch to “blended” or remote learning later if the district must reduce the number of people on its campus or close.

In the event of such a requirement, the district’s said that “blended” learning means students would attend school physically two days each week and complete virtual assignments three days each week; remote learning means students would complete all work virtually.

The Option 1 plan incorporates precautions such as:

* Though the district says it will be conducting wellness checks before students enter buses and buildings, GEVSD encourages parents and guardians to conduct their own wellness checks before sending their children to school. Students with temperatures over 100 degrees should stay home and not return to school until they have been fever-free for 72 hours.

* As of July 21, GEVSD was not requiring students to wear face coverings while in class or on buses, though it recommended that students in grades 3-12 wear masks, face shields or other face coverings; the district said it would require teachers and bus drivers to wear a mask or face shield. However, on Wednesday, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine mandated that all Ohioans should wear face coverings while in public.

* While riding the bus, students must maintain social distancing. Students will have assigned seats. There will be a maximum of two students per bus seat.

* Students will report to their assigned classrooms or areas when they arrive at the school.

* Students in grades 6-12 will clean desks and seats at the end of each class; students in grades 3-5 will remain in their homeroom classroom while subject-specific teachers and music and art teachers transition between classrooms.

* The district asked that parents and guardians provide students with a personal water bottle as water fountains will be unavailable.

* Parents and guardians will not be permitted to eat lunch with their children at the school at this time.

Option 2 plan

GEVSD stressed that if parents and guardians are uncomfortable sending their children to school at this time, students may also complete their coursework virtually, also known as Option 2.

According to the plan, virtual learning under Option 2 differs from the remote learning the district employed at the end of the 2019-20 school year. Instead, students who enroll in this option will have “an online curriculum and platform designed by an outside company that specializes in virtual learning. Students will not come to a school building for instruction and will not be in the same classes or have the same teachers as students participating in Option 1. The students will still be receiving feedback and grades from district-employed teachers,” the district said.

While this curriculum meets the district’s standards, its pacing and the type of activities may differ from on-campus offerings.

The district will provide students with a device they can use at home. The district will also provide expanded wi-fi access to reach parking areas at all school campuses, so students who do not have access to an internet connection at home may complete their work.

Under Option 2:

* Parents should attend an orientation session so they can “gain and understanding of the curriculum and device usage.”

* Parents, guardians and students should develop a schedule so students can complete their work.

* Students will still complete district testing in the fall, winter and spring “in a designated location during a scheduled appointment time.”

* Students will not be able to participate in classes on campus, including band, choir and Cadet Corps.

* If the district closes physically due to state or local regulations, students completing schoolwork through Option 2 will continue with their schoolwork through this curriculum and platform.

The deadline to register for the Option 2 format is July 31.

To register for the Option 2 format, visit

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Students have two options

By McKenzie Caldwell

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