HDH clarifies Covid testing

Hospital should only be used in times of emergent need

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Highland District Hospital wants local residents to know that if they are in serious need of care, the hospital is the place to go. But it also wants local residents to understand that the hospital is not the place to go for general COVID-19 testing.

“During this uncertain time, please be aware Highland District Hospital is doing our best to manage the impact of COVID-19,” the hospital said Wednesday in a news release. “Please help us better serve the community by utilizing the emergency department for emergent cases only. Please contact your primary care provider for instructions on obtaining COVID-19 testing.”

Randy Lennartz, HDH president and CEO, said he believes there has been some miscommunication because more and more people have been showing up at the hospital’s emergency room seeking testing for COVID-19.

“We want people to come here if they are sick,” Lennartz said. “If they are really sick and need emergent care, come here.”

But he said the hospital’s resources are being stressed, so if someone simply needs to be tested for COVID-19, they should see their primary caregiver or visit an urgent care or other location where testing is being offered. He said not only will that be more convenient for people wanting to be tested for the virus, it will probably be less expensive.

In the news release, HDH provided the following COVID-19 tips:

Who should get tested

* People who have symptoms of COVID-19.

* People who have had close contact (within six feet for a total of 15 minutes or more) with someone with confirmed COVID-19.

* People who have been asked or referred to get testing by their health care provider or local/state health department.

Instructions on getting tested

* Physician order is required. Contact your (state of Ohio) primary care provider to obtain a testing order.

* After receiving physician order, call 937-393-6274 to schedule an appointment.

* At scheduled appointment time, arrive at the emergency room parking entrance and park in designated parking spots A, B or C and call 937-393-6274 to let the lab know of your arrival. You will be registered over the phone and will be instructed on final steps.

* After testing, you will be asked to quarantine/isolate until test results are finalized.

Testing results

* If you test positive, know what protective steps to take to prevent others from getting sick.

* If you test negative the result only means that you did not have COVID-19 at the time of testing. Continue to protect yourself and others.

For more information visit www.hdh.org or reach the hospital at 937-393-6100.

Hospital should only be used in times of emergent need

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