HPD says man abused young son

Salyer allegedly admitted to sexual abuse of 1-year-old

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A Hillsboro man is facing a first-degree felony charge of rape of a minor under the age of 10 after admitting to a counsellor that he sexually abused his son, according to an affidavit filed Thursday with the Hillsboro Municipal Court.

Garrison M. Salyer, 25, confessed to sexually abusing his then 1-year-old son on multiple occasions in 2019 while speaking with a counsellor recently at Talbert House, according to the affadavit

Salyer faced an arraignment hearing Thursday morning before Judge David McKenna and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in Hillsboro Municipal Court at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, April 27.

According to the court’s affidavit, the Talbert House counsellor contacted Highland County Children Services after Salyer’s confession, who in turn asked Hillsboro police for assistance prior to going to Salyer’s residence at the apartments on Treewood Drive.

An officer stated in the affidavit that when they arrived Wednesday evening, both Salyer and his wife were advised why officials were there, with Salyer later admitting to both the officer and the Children Services representatives that he had perpetrated sex acts on his son, describing in detail what he had done.

The officer stated that at that point, Salyer was advised of his Miranda Rights and was questioned further about his actions of 2019 before being placed under arrest.

Salyer also admitted, according to the affadavit, to viewing child pornography that had been sent to him via “the dark web” and then later deleting it from his phone.

In the affidavit, Salyer stated that when he was younger, he was the subject of an investigation for the same actions that involved a different minor, due to a friend discovering child porn images on his phone.

The affadavit said he was reported to law enforcement, but that charges were never filed.

Two cell phones and a desktop computer were confiscated during his arrest, with Salyer telling the officer that the phones would contain child porn images, but he had deleted them in the hope that they could not be recovered, the affadavit said.

The officer noted in the affidavit that while securing the desktop computer, he observed in plain view a pipe along with a small round rubber container containing a marijuana product that both Salyer and his wife admitted to smoking.

Salyer is currently being held in the Highland County Jail on a $100,000 cash or surety bond, with the further stipulation that if he is released on bail, he is to have no contact with the child or any or minor children and is under a curfew from 8 p.m. through 6 a.m.

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Salyer allegedly admitted to sexual abuse of 1-year-old

Tim Colliver

[email protected]