The right age for laser hair removal

The growth of excess hair begins at puberty (usually at the age of 13 and 14), and this process is unpleasant for many people, and they resort to risky methods to get rid of this excess hair, which sometimes may even damage their skin. . Many parents are faced with the question, what is the best age for laser hair removal? Does this process harm their child’s skin or not? Can I laser my unwanted hair before the age of 18?

At what age can I start laser hair removal?

A question that arises for many teenagers is, at what age can I laser my unwanted hair?

According to doctors, the minimum age for laser hair removal is from the age of 14 and you are allowed to do this scientifically and you can remove your unwanted hair in a short time under the supervision of a doctor.

According to the difference of each person’s body in the secretion of hormones and the beginning of puberty, the best age for laser hair removal in boys and girls is after the balance of these hormones and after puberty, they can do their laser hair removal because it is possible to return this Hair is very sparse after puberty.

The danger of laser hair removal before the age of 18

Many people think that laser hair removal before the age of 18 may be dangerous for them, but this is not the case. Laser hair removal is dangerous only when it is not performed under the supervision of a specialist doctor and also when a non-standard device is involved in the operation, there is no need to Don’t worry about it, you can do laser after puberty.

So be sure to get the necessary assurance from your specialist clinic, device and doctor before the laser hair removal process.

Is laser hair removal harmful for teenagers or not?

Does laser hair removal in teenagers cause infertility in the future? Does laser hair removal change skin color in teenagers?

All these questions that we face depend on the approval of the device and the specialist doctor. Your level of knowledge about laser devices is very effective in choosing a clinic. Do you know the best laser hair removal machine?

Laser rays normally do not harm the body of teenagers, but if this process is not under the supervision of a doctor or if it is done in non-reputable centers, it may have irreparable side effects.

Also, laser hair removal will not cause infertility and has no effect on this; It should be mentioned that before starting this process, you must get the necessary advice and guidance from a specialist doctor so that he can start the process of hair removal according to the type, color and fat of your skin.

Hair laser in old age

Laser hair removal is possible at all ages, but depending on conditions and ages, the duration of the treatment will be different. Please note that some devices only work on hair that has black and dark pigments and removes them. and some others are also effective on light pigments, if your unwanted body hair is dark, you can use this method to remove them, otherwise, don’t worry about removing them because you can use the devices Use devices with higher penetration power to remove hair from all areas.

Today, with the design and production of devices of three wavelengths, you can remove all kinds of unwanted hair in different thicknesses and also different pigments.

People of any age can remove their unwanted hair under the supervision of a specialist doctor and not worry about the radiation being harmful because this radiation is harmful to a few people, which we mentioned below.

Laser hair removal for older women

As we mentioned, laser hair removal does not have an age limit, many old women notice thick and dark unwanted hair in their facial area due to the hormonal changes that occur in their bodies at an older age, which is annoying to them. Or using tweezers to remove these hairs is a good temporary method, but to permanently remove them, they can choose a more suitable option such as lasering.

There is no age limit for laser hair removal, and all people over the age of 14 are allowed to remove their unwanted hair by laser.

Laser hair removal for older men

Elderly men, like women, can laser their unwanted hair in their old age, many of these men are unhappy due to aging and the growth of unwanted hair in the ears, nose and eyebrows; This increase in unwanted hair is due to the increase in male hormones (testosterone).

Removing these thick hairs can be done with a laser hair removal device under the supervision of a specialist over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What people can not laser their unwanted hair?

People with skin cancer. People who have lupus or autoimmune disease. People who have active infections or herpes in their body. People who are allergic to laser radiation.

Is laser hair removal possible for people under 18?

Yes, people under the age of 18 can have laser hair removal under the supervision of a specialist doctor.

What is the minimum age of laser hair removal?

According to experts, the minimum age for laser hair removal is 14 years.