Treasurer guilty of theft

Former Humane Society employee agrees to pay back $5,900

By John Hackley - [email protected]

Amy Roades, a former treasurer of the Highland County Humane Society (HCHS), was charged with theft and entered a guilty plea this week in the Highland County Court of Common Pleas.

An internal audit by the Humane Society revealed that Roades drained $5,900 from the organization’s coffers since January of 2021 before she resigned from her position on the organization’s board in October of 2021.

The theft charge was a fifth-degree felony.

Faced with a possible maximum prison time of 12 months and a maximum fine of $2,500, Roades agreed to pay the $5,900 back to the Humane Society and has been placed in the Highland County Prosecuting Attorney’s Diversion Program.

Roades served on the Highland County Humane Society Board of Directors from March of 2018 until her resignation.

Financial records for the Humane Society prior to January of 2021 were unable to be located, so they were not part of the audit.

“It’s a shame that someone who was placed in a trusted position as Ms. Roades, would steal resources needed to care for the animals in our facility,” said Highland County Humane Society Board of Directors President Penny Miller. “Since the investigation, our new board of directors has worked diligently to improve policies and procedures to prevent theft in the future. Ms. Roades, in her guilty plea, has agreed to terms to pay certain monies back to HCHS.”

The HCHS is a non-profit organization that is funded by community donations and pet adoption fees.

The HCHS was founded in 1969 with the mission of providing a temporary home and treatment for adoptable cats and dogs, return lost animals to their owners when possible, and place them in suitable homes. The organization also works to increase awareness of the humane treatment of animals and promote spay/neuter programs to reduce the overpopulation of cats and dogs in Highland County.

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Former Humane Society employee agrees to pay back $5,900

By John Hackley

[email protected]