‘Nobody realizes … how big it is’

Local pizzeria offering 28-inch pie

By John Hackley - [email protected]

A pizzeria in Hillsboro began selling pies large enough to feed a small army Friday, Jan. 7.

Hillsboro’s Giovanni’s announced the availability of 28-inch pizzas, available for pick-up only at a starting cost of $35, on its Facebook page.

“I’ve been doing some research on it for several years, and it’s something exciting,” said Rachel Reed, who manages the restaurant that is owned by her mother, Kitty Burchett. “I know for myself, it’s just something fun because I have five kids, and they all love little tiny things or great big things.”

After speaking to the proprietors of a number of Giovanni’s restaurants, particularly one in Kentucky, Reed felt comfortable introducing the ample-sized pizzas at the Hillsboro location. She obtained the needed oversized pans a few weeks ago after a long back order caused by COVID-19.

“When we finally got them, we made a couple here and there for our staff and our family,” said Reed. “So, Friday we actually posted it … and we did not realize how much of an impact it was going to have.”

From Friday through Sunday, the restaurant sold 53 of the outsized pizzas.

After running short on supplies Friday night, Reed had to contact the vice president of Giovanni’s at the company’s home base in Ashland, Kentucky to set up an early-morning meeting in Kentucky so the Hillsboro restaurant could stay open the rest of the weekend.

Anyone who wants to order the pizza is cautioned to ensure there is enough room in the vehicle transporting it.

“The most fun part of it is that we have just kind of waited for someone to come in with a small smart car or something, and yesterday someone came in with a Mini Cooper, and it just fit perfect like that was where it was supposed to go in that car,” said Reed.

When one couple arrived Friday night, their pizza was not quite ready, and they had to leave because of an emergency with their dog. Reed took their address so her husband could deliver the pizza to the couple. “My husband has an extended cab Ford truck, and he had the hardest time getting it into that truck; he really struggled with it,” said Reed. “Moms come in minivans and we’ve had to put down seats and open the back hatch.”

“Nobody has realized until they actually see it and physically take it and move it how big the box is,” she said.

During the month of January, the restaurant is only offering the 28-inch pizzas for pick-up, but plans are in the works to offer in-store eating challenges for prizes in February. “We want it to be open to families and friends as a social event for them, and we haven’t worked out all of the plans yet, but we’re going to do a team challenge and a one-person challenge as well,” said Reed. “We want to open it to the public to be able to come in and have fun with it.”

Reed emphasized that the Hillsboro Giovanni’s is locally owned and operated, and she strives to support all of the areas local businesses.

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Local pizzeria offering 28-inch pie

By John Hackley

[email protected]