NWS: County got 2 to 4.5 inches snow

Next snow chance several days away

By Jacob Clary - [email protected]

Hillsboro saw 3 inches of snow in the Sunday and Monday snowstorm, according to John Franks, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in Wilmington.

Franks said that even though there was only one report from Highland County, which was the one from the sheriff’s office north of Hillsboro, he was able to look at reports from other counties near the county line to get a sense of snow counts in other areas of Highland County.

He said that looking at the southeastern Highland County area, it got around 4.5 inches of snow thanks to looking at Pike County and northern Adams County. In the same vein, Franks said that the western area of the county along the Brown and Clinton county lines got around 2 inches of snow.

“Looking at our snowfall map here, because it was tight gradient where you can see that we had upwards of 6, 7 inches of snow over parts of Adams County, Pike County, Ross County, and then 2 or 2 inches over Fayette County, Highland County, Brown County, and then like 1 to 2 inches over Cincinnati and Dayton metropolitan areas,” Franks said. “So, I mean, for that amount of space from a northwest to southeast line, I think that the forecasters that were putting that information out did a pretty good job.”

He said that generally snow to rain is a 10-1 ratio and that the county probably got around three-tenths of an inch of precipitation during the course of the storm.

Franks said that he didn’t believe the county would receive any snow in the near future.

“It looks like we got some rain chances on Wednesday, I think maybe mixing with and changing over to snow before ending overnight, then things look clear,” Franks said. “The next chance for any precipitation is pretty low and it’s on day eight so generally dry for the forecast after tomorrow and not really any snow accumulations.”

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Next snow chance several days away

By Jacob Clary

[email protected]