Red Cross was at work during ice storm

Submitted shelter

American Red Cross volunteers from Central and Southern Ohio responded to offer food, warmth and shelter to those hit by the recent ice storm and power outages on the weekend of Feb, 3, according to Matthew Riddle, South Central Ohio Red Cross executive director.

Hocking County, southeast of Columbus, was hardest hit, according to Disaster Program Specialist Mary McCord.

“By the time the storm did its damage, there were nearly 30,000 people who were without power throughout the 10 counties of the South Central Ohio Chapter,” McCord said.

Shelters were opened by volunteers in Highland County and Hocking County, making use of the pre-stocked American Red Cross shelter trailers. Volunteers also kept in touch with local emergency management to assess needs.

Although no residents needed shelter in Highland County, volunteers were ready. Volunteers worked along with Hocking County Emergency Management to care for as many as 24 residents.

Twenty-seven volunteers responded, including those who were trained and willing to spend the night to offer shelter. Volunteers responded from not only the South Central Chapter, but also from the Cincinnati Tri-State Chapter and the Miami Valley Chapter, as well as the Greater Columbus Chapter. Thanks to a local business, the meals for the shelter were donated.

In all, five volunteers worked in external relations, five in logistics, seven in Highland County sheltering, and 10 to staff the shelter in Hocking County.

“The collaboration with the regional teams was amazing,” McCord said. “It is truly incredible how the Central and Southern Ohio disaster teams work together. I appreciate each and every one of you,” she said.

The American Red Cross is a private nonprofit offering disaster preparedness and response, blood collection, services to armed forces and veterans, and CPR, first aid and water safety training. For more information on ways you can help, see or call 1 800-redcross.

Submitted by Sandy Shirey, communications assistant, American Red Cross of South Central Ohio.

Submitted shelter