Prison time for meth charge

Second man gets community control for assaulting peace officer

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A New Vienna man was sentenced to at least nine months in prison for possession of methamphetamine last week in Highland County Common Pleas Court.

Joseph Cramton, 34, New Vienna, was sentenced on one count of aggravated possession of meth, a fifth-degree felony. for felonies of the fourth or fifth-degree, Cramton had a prior felony or misdemeanor offense of violence within the last two years, violated a term of the conditions of his bond set by the court and was serving or had previously served a prison sentence at the time of the offense.

Cramton was given 14 days of jail-time credit.

On Oct. 22, 2020, court records state that while on patrol an officer saw Cramton at a gas station on North High Street in Hillsboro. The officer ran a query through the dispatch center to check on Cramton for warrants and his driving status. Dispatch responded that Cramton had a warrant out of Montgomery County that was outside of the pick-up radius and that his driving status was suspended.

The officer then saw Cramton enter the driver’s seat of a black Ford Mustang and start to exit the gas station by turning onto Harry Sauner Road. The officer initiated a traffic stop on Harry Sauner Road. The officer made contact with Cramton and told him that he didn’t have a driver’s license and shouldn’t be driving, according to court records.

The officer asked Cramton for his ID, registration, proof of insurance and if there was anything inside of the vehicle. Cramton said he had a THC cartridge inside. The officer asked him if he had a medical marijuana license and Cramton said he did not. The officer asked Cramton to exit the vehicle and he complied. While the officer searched the vehicle, they found two THC cartridges inside a small black box as well as a small baggie that contained a crystalline substance inside a small black box on the passenger side floorboard. The crystalline substance was submitted to BCI for analysis and found to contain meth, according to court records.

In another case, Robert Hurley, 29, Xenia, was sentenced to three years of community control on one count of assault on a peace officer.

Court records state that Hurley must successfully complete any treatment recommended.

On Oct. 15, 2021, court records state that while on patrol an office started a traffic stop on a vehicle driving with an obstructed view because of a large crack on the front windshield. The vehicle stopped on South Fourth Street in Greenfield. The patrol officer approached the vehicle and made contact with the driver, who was identified as Hurley. The patrol officer knew from prior contact with the driver that Hurley’s license was suspended.

The patrol officer told Hurley to turn the vehicle off, which Hurley did. The officer explained the reason for the stop and asked Hurley to provide his ID. Hurley started to grip the wheel and grit his teeth, and refused to provide his ID. The patrol officer asked Hurley to exit the vehicle, which Hurley also refused to do, according to court records.

The patrol officer told Hurley that he was under arrest and started to extract him from the vehicle. A physical altercation started and Hurley turned the vehicle back on and tried to put it in drive. The officer told Hurley to stop numerous times while trying to keep the vehicle in park and remove the keys from the ignition, court records state.

Hurley hit the officer in the back of the head with a closed fist. The officer was able to remove the keys from the ignition and extract Hurley from the vehicle. When Hurley was outside of the vehicle, he again resisted arrest before he was eventually subdued. The patrol officer advised him of his Miranda Rights and then Hurley said he had a warrant out of Xenia, which the officer confirmed.

Hurley, court records state, also said there was a “rig” inside of the glove box of the vehicle. The officer started a search of the vehicle and found a hypodermic needle that contained an off-white liquid and a half-empty alcoholic beverage. Hurley said he acted the way he did because he had a warrant, recently used meth, and was not thinking clearly.

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Second man gets community control for assaulting peace officer

By Jacob Clary

[email protected]