The Greenfield Police Department has released the following information:

May 8


Flagway-12 advised a tan-goldish/silver truck with a black stripe down the side drove off without paying for $123.83 in diesel fuel. The incident is under investigation.

May 9


The Highland County Sheriffs Office requested the police department to send a unit to the 700 block of Carford Pike at lot 16 in reference to a subject at lot 15 making threat of killing the subject at lot 16 and his dog. All residents were advised accordingly and checked OK.

May 10


Laci Taylor, 38, Union, Was arrested on a bench warrant for failure to appear.

Kristopher Toney, 45, Greenfield was arrested for felony domestic violence.

Albert Baker II, 56, of Greenfield, issued a traffic citation for fictitious tags.


The police department received a call from the resident in the 700 block of South Seventh Street stating they thought they saw someone in a residence across the street which is unoccupied and no one was suppose to be in there. The residence was secure and no one was found in the area.

A caller advised a truck with big mirrors hit his mirror while he was parked at 200 block of McClain Avenue. Statements were taken.

May 11


Jason Bond Jr., 20, Greenfield was arrested on a grand jury indictment from Clinton County for improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle.

Kevin Steward, 60, of Greenfield, arrested for aggravated menacing and disorderly intoxication.


A North Street resident called stating they found a Saint Bernard dog running around in the street. They were pretty sure it was blind and they don’t want him to get hurt. The caller further advised that they were petting the dog out in front of their house and that he was nice, The dog warden possession of the dog.

May 12


A caller advised that his vehicle, a 2010 Dodge Dakota, was parked out in front of his residence when a silver/grey Chevrolet four-door pick up truck backed into his vehicle and took off. The incident is under investigation.

May 13


The manager from Community Markets called and advised that a male was attempting to steal steak and left a bag containing drug paraphernalia. The incident is under investigation.

May 14


Zane Puckett, 19, Hillsboro, was issued a citation for no operator’s license.


An officer was flagged down by some juveniles who advised their green and blue, glittery Huffy mountain bike was stolen the previous night. The incident is under investigation.