Teen’s admission to bomb threat withdrawn

By Sarah Allen - For The Times-Gazette

A case involving a note that was placed making a bomb threat found at Hillsboro High School/Middle School is heading to trial after an admission to the crime by the 13-year-old suspect was withdrawn by the court.

According to the Highland County Juvenile Court, “After the court heard evidence, the court vacated the admission and set the matter for trial.”

The Times-Gazette previously reported that the 13-year old, who faces a charge of second-degree felony inducing panic, admitted to the charge last week. He was originally scheduled for a disposition on Wednesday. Now a trial date will be set.

During last week’s hearing, Highland County Juvenile Court Judge Kevin Greer summarized the allegations against the teen, saying that on March 31, he “took a note and put it on a bathroom wall … and, in essence, this note said there was a bomb on the school campus.” The note was allegedly placed, when, to the teen’s knowledge, there was no bomb present.

The case is the result of one of at least five separate bomb threat incidents at the school earlier this year. As previously reported, these occurred within a one-month period, beginning on March 18. All instances led to evacuations of the building for various amounts of time.

Last Friday, the teen admitted to the second-degree felony charge of inducing panic, and Greer set a disposition of the case for Wednesday. But after questioning during the Wednesday hearing, the judge decided to withdraw the admission to the crime and set a trial date.


By Sarah Allen

For The Times-Gazette