Homemade bomb found, dismantled during pot bust

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A homemade bomb was found among marijuana, firearms and cultivation tools during a two-day marijuana erdication bust, according to the Highland County Sheriff’s Office.

In a press release, Sheriff Donnie Barrera reported that on Aug. 15-16 the sheriff’s office and BCI&I conducted a marijuana eradication throughout Highland County, including four permissions to search residences and a court-ordered search warrant.

Total seized were approximately 172 marijuana plants on the first day, said Barrera. Of the marijuana seized, the sheriff’s office was able to connect a large amount to various residents throughout Highland County, according to the sheriff.

The Highland County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant as a result of marijuana being found on a property in the southern portion of Highland County. As a result of this search warrant, an additional amount of approximately 42 plants were seized on the second day of eradication.

Firearms and tools often used to cultivate marijuana were also seized. In addition, a homemade bomb was found. The bomb was dismantled on the scene, according to the sheriff.

Due to the inclement weather on both days, eradication efforts ended earlier than had been anticipated, the press release stated.

The cases are being investigated. Numerous items of evidence will be submitted to BCI&I to determine the weight and positive identification of the items.

As a result of these cases over the last two days, several individuals are expected to be charged.

Barrera and deputies of the Highland County Sheriff’s Office “wish to thank BCI&I for providing the helicopter, which was used in the eradication efforts, at no charge to the residents of Highland County,” said Barrera.

For further information, contact Sheriff Donnie Barrera at the Highland County Sheriff’s Office: 937.393.1421.


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