Publication: Hillsboro Times-Gazette


Bar code: 10016

Date: Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Volume: 24

Issue: 227

No. of sections: 1

No. of pages: 8


Obituaries: 2

Opinion: 3

Comics: 4

Puzzles: 5

Classifieds: 6

Sports: 7

Page 1: A3 — But we want to place 4 stories on the page, including 2 down the 2 columns on the left side of the page. We will budget the story to run at the top of the page as 3A and the story to run beneath it as 3B.



1) — HTG092220HDH w/mug shot (runs as dominant feature at top of the page over 4 columns on right side of page), inches

2) — HTG092220Hillscrest w/pic (runs as centerpiece), inches

3A) — HTG092220MarshallMinimart w/pic (runs at top of 2 columns on left side of page —NOTE — To give us some art at the top of the page, we’d like to run the photo 1 column wide just beneath the headlines), 5 inches

3B) — HTG092220CovidUpdate (art is for web use only — runs beneath the MarshallMinimart story on the left side of the page), 17 inches

We will have another page 1 item slugged HTG092220FrontWeatherIcon. It goes in the index box on the bottom left corner of the page and includes a small weather icon, short weather description and high and low temperatures for the day.

*****Also place Facebook logo in Index box

2A – Obits/Local

HTG092220KeechDeathNotice, 0.5 inches

HTG092220GibsonDeathNotice, 0.4 inches

Obit submission deadline is 6 p.m.

Inside pages

1) — HTG092220FarmScience (story and pic), 10 inches

2) — HTG092220PetottheWeek (stand alone pic)

4) — HTG092220TakeNote (story only), 16 inches

***** Local news should always be placed before any AP copy

*****Take Note and Community Calendar are to be used only after everything budgeted above them has been used.

3A – Opinion

HTG092220TheirView (runs at top of page over 2 columns on left), inches

HTG092220TodayInHistory (runs beneath Their View — NOTE — Please do not cut Today’s Birthdays from this story; you can cut anything else, but please do not cut the birthdays), inches

HTG092220PoliticalCartoon (runs at top of page over 4 columns on right)

HTG092220ClassonColumn w/ mug shot (runs beneath Political Cartoon — should be done around 4 p.m.), 17 inches

*****If you need more filler 4 columns on the right, use HTG092220OurPolicies beneath the Our View. They can be cut as needed, 15.7 inches

4A – Comics

5A – Puzzles

6A – Classifieds/Local

7A – Sports

HTG092220HHSFootball (story w/pic), 14 inches

HTG092220McClainFootball (story w/pic), 17 inches

HTG092220FootballPlayoffs (story only), 15 inches

NOTE — Would like to play the stories in the order listed. So, pic a template that works best, and fill any remaining space on the space on the page with things like Cincinnati Reds or Bengals, Ohio State Buckeyes or the top AP sports stories of the day)

8A – Local/Sports

NOTE — This page can be used for page 1 jumps, inside pages items, as a second sports/jump page, or any combination of the three.

******Will update inch counts as they become available

Contact numbers: Reach editor Jeff Gilliland at 937-763-6029 if necessary. We currently have no sports editor, so sports questions should be directed to Jeff also.