A desendent of Ed Ayres submitted the following corrections to a Dec. 26 Times-Gazette story about Ayres titled A Man for All Seasons.

Ed Ayres was inducted into the Hillsboro High School Athletic Hall of Fame in 1957, not 1975. In December 1914, more than five years after his high school graduation, Ed Ayres married Edith Pearl Laymon, who had been born and raised near Dodsonville. More than 26 years later, on Good Friday 1941, while returning to Hillsboro with her daughter from the University of Kentucky, her Chrysler was struck by a speeding driver who had swerved left of center and struck Ayres’ sedan head-on in a horrific collision. Mrs. Ayres died instantly. Nearly five years later, in February 1946, Ed Ayres married divorcee Elsie M. Johnson Baker, who had been born and raised in Darke County and had lived in various locales prior to coming to Hillsboro with her two children.