Lynchburg Three Arts Club holds October meeting

The Oct. 13 meeting of the Lynchburg Three Arts Club met at the home of Doris Randolph.

President Wendy Johnson called the meeting to order and Nancy Shaffer read the club Collect. Secretary Doris Randolph read the minutes of the June and September meetings. The roll call was answered by naming your favorite model as this year our theme is Fashion. Treasurer Becky Davidson gave her report.

The club voted to give the proceeds of our birthday auctions to the “Because He Lives Food Pantry.”

The club discussed the decorating of the Christmas tree at the Historical Society. A sympathy card was sent to Nancy Lippert. The birthday auction was held and the winners were Becky Davidson and Doris Randolph.

The meeting adjourned to a very interesting, informative and sometimes amusing program on “The History of Women’s Undergarments.” The changing times, history and changing fashions dictated the type of undergarments that were worn.

The hostess served a delicious dessert course from a beautiful autumn themed table to: Doris Randolph, Wendy Johnson, Nancy Shaffer, Colleen Mount, Becky Davidson and Denise Kuntz.

Submitted by Nancy Shaffer, reporter.