Boys rescued after falling through ice

The Times-Gazette

Two young boys had their lives saved Wednesday due to quick action taken by a couple local residents, according to the Brown County Sheriff’s Office.

At 5:45 p.m. Wednesday the sheriff’s office was dispatched to 1045 Brunswick Drive at Lake Lorele in reference to two male juveniles, age 8 and 10, that had fallen through the ice. A resident of Lake Lorelei used an extension cord and tied a life jacket to one end and attempted to throw the extension cord to the boys. However, the cord was not long enough to reach them, according to Brown County Chief Deputy Carl Smith.

Another resident of the lake ran to a nearby boat dock and was able to get a small boat in the water in an attempt to reach the boys. The male resident began breaking through the ice with the small boat and a paddle. While attempting to reach the boys the male noticed that the boat didn’t have a plug and the boat was filling up with water. The male continued to break through the ice to reach the boys. The male reached the boys and they were able to hang on to the side of the boat and paddle to shore, the sheriff’s office said.

Once at the shore the male subject jumped out of the boat, into shallow water, and carried one of the boys to shore. A life squad member arrived on scene, entered the water, and assisted the other boy out of the water.

Air Care transported both boys to Children’s Hospital where they were treated and released.

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