Letter to the Editor: Ellis’ voice would add strength to rural communities

To The Editor:

We in the 91st Ohio House District have a rare opportunity to have an active farmer go to Columbus and fight for rural Ohio. Beth Ellis of Clinton County is a small business owner and farmer who personally understands the struggle for farmers and the challenges our communities face. Farmers and rural communities in general are underrepresented in the Ohio General Assembly and her voice would add to the strength of rural advocates in our capital city.

Beth and her husband own and operate Cherrybend Pheasant Farm. She understands business management and how difficult it is to navigate the government red tape and regulatory structure that often burdens businesses and farming operations. We need Beth in Columbus representing Highland County and the rest of the district especially with the opioid epidemic. Opioids are tearing apart our communities and Beth’s blended knowledge of rural Ohio and healthcare will make her a leader on this issue.

While Beth’s background in agriculture is strong, it is not exclusive. She also has firsthand experience in the healthcare system, tourism, the Port Authority, aviation, and is extremely knowledgeable of many other topics. I know she would hit the ground running as our State Representative and represent the district well.

It is for these reasons that I completely support her candidacy. Beth is one of us, and I hope you will support her on May 8th too.

Nathan Brown

Highland County farmer