Jeff Duncan Letter to the Editor: Shane Wilkin has leadership qualities

To the editor:

For the past three years, I have had the opportunity to work with Commissioner Shane Wilkin. I would like to share what I have seen in that length of time.

My 25-plus years of business experience have led me to recognize leadership qualities, which I think Shane possesses. He started working at a farm equipment store, then was a heavy equipment operator in construction, and eventually purchased his own business. Shane’s past experiences gives him insight to the needs and concerns of a rural economy.

Wilkin came into office 10 years ago and was met with a general fund balance of only $7,900, and the country was in a recession. He made frequent trips to Columbus, meeting with state officials to help restructure county debt. As chairman, he made tough decisions. He led the county back to where we have funding for long-term debt through 2019.

Shane has been instrumental in economic development, helping bring jobs to PAS, Corvac Composites, and C-Mold. He has continuously served as chairman of the Board of Commissioners during his tenure. Currently he serves as chairman of Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission and has made trips to Washington, D.C. on behalf of that organization. He is chairman of the County Community Investment Corporation and is a board member of the County Commissioner Association of Ohio. During his visits to the state capitol and D.C., he has made numerous contacts which will be valuable to our district as our state representative.

Shane is articulate, smart, honest, business savvy, and has work ethic. These are leadership qualities he has used for the betterment of our county. I know he will carry those skills to Columbus as he represents ALL the counties of the 91st District. Join me in voting for proven government leadership. Cast your ballot for Shane Wilkin on May 8.

Jeff Duncan

Highland County Commissioner