Ron Ward: Shane Wilkin has made Highland County a better place

To The Editor:

I have known Shane Wilkin and his family for many years. The man I know and trust is a father, husband, a Christian and a man of integrity. I am proud to call him my friend.

Shane is leader in our local county government and in his community. He has the experience and understanding how government works and the commitment to get the job done! I have seen this first hand during my 14 years as Highland County Sheriff.

During Shane’s early years as commissioner, it was baptism by fire for a newly elected official, as the nation’s financial crisis had hit home and local budgets were taking a tremendous hit and some unpopular and difficult decisions had to be made. Shane was not afraid to make those decisions and stand up for what was best for the citizens of his county. Highland County is in a better place today because of those difficult decisions made then, and continue to be made during his tenure as county commissioner.

I agree with Shane when I heard him say the people of the 91st District should choose who the next state representative should be, not Columbus.

I hope you will join me and my family in voting for Shane Wilkin on May 8 to represent us, the people of the 91st District of Ohio.

Ron Ward

Highland County Sheriff 1999-2013