The dangers of social media, and some other stuff

By Gary Abernathy - [email protected]

A little bit of this and that today…

Social media dangers

Yet another great example of the dangers of social media platforms and their constant temptation for people to make off-the-cuff wisecracks or comments was provided by Rosanne Barr, with deserved consequences.

As I’ve said before, when Twitter or Facebook beckon, more often than not the best response is to tell them to shut up and leave you alone.

Embarrassing GOP

Pretty embarrassing what’s going on with the Republicans in the Ohio House. Are they trying on purpose to hand campaign ads to the Democrats? If the House can’t even agree on a speaker to finish the year, are they capable of leading Ohio? Hopefully they’ll finally resolve it this week, as some are promising.

Historical Society

Good job to everyone involved with the Highland County Historical Society Hall of Fame ceremony on May 27. A good crowd was on hand. All of the inductees were very deserving, and the standing ovation afforded the surviving Marching Mothers was moving.

It was great seeing Judge Richard Davis, the only living individual inductee, whose humor never diminishes. After I spoke on behalf of Times-Gazette founder Moses Carothers, who started this paper in 1818, the judge said to me, “Did I understand that you’re Moses Carothers? You certainly look old enough.” Thanks, Judge.

On a sad note related to the Historical Society, very sorry to hear of the passing of Pamela Nickell, an accomplished educator who was devoted to promoting the Society and Highland County history.

Renacci vs. Brown

I enjoyed meeting last week with Jim Renacci, the GOP candidate for U.S. Senate against incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown. Beating Brown is a tall undertaking, but it could be a year when someone like Renacci, with the strong support of President Trump, could pull off the upset. The race is starting to make its way into the national discussion of GOP pickup opportunities.

NBA Finals

Watching the NBA Finals, still shaking my head over Game 1. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a team blow such a great opportunity to steal a game against all odds. The outrageous reversal of the block/charge call involving LeBron James and Kevin Durant, George Hill’s missed free throw and J.R. Smith’s lack of awareness about the game situation – heartbreaking. On the heels of that, the Game 2 result was no surprise.

If the Cavs don’t bounce back and win the two games coming up in Cleveland and at least make the series competitive, next year’s team is going to look a lot different, likely starting with the loss of LeBron to another team. I wouldn’t even blame him this time (unlike the first time he left). He brought the Cavs a championship in 2016. Go in peace, live long and prosper.

Anniversary follow up

When my recent column about The Times-Gazette’s 200th anniversary celebration was posted on Facebook, I loved seeing the responses from people who once delivered the newspaper as kids via their bike and walking routes.

An email from John “Ben” Stroup, who now lives in Hawaii, said that from 1987-89 he was a delivery boy in the Hillsboro area. He is retired now from the Navy after a 23-year career. He wrote, “I like to think that my time there (my first job) delivering papers helped me develop the work ethic that carried me through my Navy career.” Nice.

Don McCullough

I also enjoyed seeing a Facebook post from the son of the legendary Don McCullough, who was production manager at the Press Gazette for umpteen years. Chuck McCullough wrote that he worked with his dad at the newspaper for two summers in 1978 and ’79, and “loved it.” I worked with Don from 1983-91. He was a great guy. He could be gruff, but the job drove him to that. He could also be warm and helpful, and would offer constructive advice about front page designs.

Don was a very talented layout and design artist on both news and advertising, and he did everything by hand back in the days before computers and digital pagination came along. Everyone who ever worked with him has Don McCullough stories to tell. We’ll tell a few later this month, and maybe get Chuck to weigh in, too.

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By Gary Abernathy

[email protected]