Our View: Return Britton, elect Milbery to school board

Voters in the Hillsboro City Schools district will be electing two members from among three candidates to the school board in the General Election. We recommend incumbent Terry Britton and newcomer Tom Milbery for the Hillsboro school board.

Terry Britton is completing his first term on the board. Britton, a resident of the school district for 45 years, has been a very active and involved board member, regularly attending school events and taking a leadership role in the athletic facilities work under way at Hillsboro High School. He has been serving as board president for the past two years, leading the board effectively and professionally.

Tom Milbery is a longtime Hillsboro teacher and coach who his making his first run for the school board. Milbery has often demonstrated a desire to better promote the achievements of local students, working directly in recent years to ensure that student accomplishments were highlighted in local media. With the decision by former teacher and school board member Jerry Walker not to seek re-election, Milbery’s presence on the board would fill the spot well and bring many of the same qualities provided by Walker.

A third candidate, Michael Salyer, is a parent and a former U.S. Marine who said recently that he is running for the board to be more involved with the community and the school. He is a member of the Parent-Teacher Organization. If elected he would no doubt be a fine addition to the board.

Because of his demonstrated leadership, common sense approach and personal attention to school activities, we recommend Terry Britton for re-election, along with the election of Tom Milbery because of his years of involvement with the school, his experience as a teacher and coach, and his proven devotion to highlighting student achievement.