Jesus is the only way

Rob Rhodes Contributing columnist

Rob Rhodes Contributing columnist

God is love: 1 John 4:8-10.

But one of the most dangerous messages people are promoting today is: (because God is love no one is going to hell and everyone is going to Heaven. Not only is everyone going to heaven, but there are many ways in which to arrive).

Some people believe that they are going to heaven because they are good people. Some say it doesn’t matter which God you serve as long as you serve one of them. Although Oprah Winfrey claims to be a born again Christian, she tells the world, “There are many ways to heaven.”

The leader of the largest church in the country, Joel Osteen, says “Well, I’m not sure that Jesus is the only way. I believe he is but…”

Folks, do not listen to this “I refuse to take a stand because I want to be well-liked nonsense.” We must worship and believe in the God of the Bible, not some person’s made up religious idea or opinion that has been presented to us as truth. The God of the Bible makes it very clear that belief in Jesus is the only means by which we can inherit heaven.

Jesus says in John 14:6: “I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father but through me.”

Acts 4:12 says: “There is no other name given among men by which we must be saved but the name Jesus Christ.”

John 3:18 says: “Whoever believes in Jesus is not condemned but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s only son.”

The Bible says that we are all sinners and because we are sinners we all deserve eternal punishment. But because “God is love” he has provided a way for us to escape that punishment through Jesus Christ. Jesus took our punishment that we deserve on the cross of Calvary. If we are willing to accept that, and believe in him, then we can be forgiven and escape hell. There is no other way.

God offers this free gift by faith through his son Jesus. It’s free. Remember, Hell was created for the devil and his angels, not mankind: Matthew 25:41. And it is God’s desire that all men be saved: 2 Peter 3:9.

If someone doesn’t go to heaven it’s because they refused to take this free gift: Ephesians 2:8-9. And if they go to hell it is because they refused to believe in Jesus: Hebrews 10:29-31. God is love and if you really love someone — tell them the truth: Jesus is the only way.

Rob Rhodes has been the pastor at the Sugar Tree Ridge Church of Christ for the last eight years. He has degrees in criminal justice, biology and genetics; and a master’s degree from Cincinnati Christian University. He is a former Army Ranger, Maryland state trooper, air marshal, and retired from the Department of Homeland Security. He has been married for 28 years and has two children.

Rob Rhodes Contributing columnist Rhodes Contributing columnist