Fairfield and Whiteoak compete in Andy Haines Invitational

By Ryan Applegate - [email protected]

Two local track and field teams, the Fairfield Lions and the Whiteoak Wildcats, travelled to Paint Valley High School on Thursday to participate in the Andy Haines Invitational.

The Lions finished fifth out of 14 teams, while the Lions B team finished 14th. The Lady Lions also finished fifth out of 14 teams.

The Wildcats finished ninth, while the Lady Wildcats finished 11th.

The highlight of the night for the Lions came in the boys 800-meter run, which saw Sophomore Brandston Duffie place first in the event followed by Junior teammate Noah Richmond in second.

Meanwhile Wildcats Senior Derrick Ison placed first in the boys 400-meter run.

The Fairfield Lions are scheduled to participate in the Mansfield Mehock Relays, at Mansfield High School, on Saturday.

The Wildcats are scheduled to host the Hillsboro Indians on Thursday, April 20.

Girls 4×800-meter relay

Fairfield 11:19.94

Chloe Barber, Dakota Haynes, Grace Shope, Ciara Colwell

Boys 4×800-meter relay

Whiteoak 9:24.06

Atlee Carr, Zach DeAtley, Jacob Campbell, Hunter Morgan 10

Girls 100-meter hurdles

Katie Pietropinto, Whiteoak 26.96

Boys 110-meter hurdles

Nate Buchanan, Fairfield 18.36

Garrett Spargur, Fairfield 18.94

Jacob Arledge, Whiteoak 21.18

Jason Moeller, Fairfield B 22.67

Girls 100-meter dash

Kensley Bailey, Whiteoak 13.64

Ailean Duffie, Fairfield 14.36

Dakota Haynes, Fairfield 14.81

Aubrey Drabik, Fairfield B 15.33

Hailey Daniels, Fairfield B 16.12

Shelby Banks, Whiteoak 16.81

Boys 100-meter dash

Derrick Ison, Whiteoak 11.91

Devon Haynes, Fairfield 12.31

Wyatt Fent, Fairfield 12.40

Jacob Campbell, Whiteoak 12.78

Tanner Dixon, Fairfield B 12.94

Tristan Victor, Fairfield B 13.24

Girls 4×200-meter relay

Fairfield 2:01.78

Mikayla Griffith, Paige Teeters, Payton Harvey, Ailean Duffie

Boys 4×200-meter relay

Fairfield 1:39.29

Devon Haynes, Wyatt Fent, Nick Price, Dustin Huff

Whiteoak 1:51.60

James Taylor, Samuel Workman, Jacob Arledge, Titus Taylor

Girls 1600-meter run

Ciara Colwell, Fairfield 5:47.37

Grace Shope, Fairfield 6:26.01

Sarah Wuellner, Fairfield B 7:47.85

Haleigh Bates, Fairfield B 9:03.49

Boys 1600-meter run

Noah Richmond, Fairfield 4:35.54

Brandtson Duffie, Fairfield 4:50.10

Dillon Burley, Fairfield B 5:02.58

Hunter Morgan, Whiteoak 5:20.04

Cody Everhart, Whiteoak 5:55.06

Girls 4×100-meter relay

Fairfield 57.64

Payton Harvey, Dakota Haynes, Ailean Duffie, Blake Adams

Boys 4×100-meter relay

Fairfield 47.92

Wyatt Fent, Devon Haynes, Tristan Victor, Dustin Huff

Whiteoak 47.97

Cody Adams, Cody Marion, Jacob Campbell, Derrick Ison

Girls 400-meter dash

Ciara Knisley, Fairfield 1:07.61

Payton Harvey, Fairfield 1:09.59

Boys 400-meter dash

Derrick Ison, Whiteoak 53.36

Bennett Hodson, Fairfield 55.54

Samuel Workman, Whiteoak 1:04.03

Gavin Campbell, Fairfield B 1:05.87

Preston Wilkinson, Fairfield B 1:16.47

Girls 300-meter hurdles

Ailean Duffie, Fairfield 55.53

Shelby Banks, Whiteoak 1:17.11

Katie Pietropinto, Whiteoak 1:20.21

Boys 300-meter hurdles

Garrett Spargur, Fairfield 47.52

Nate Buchanan, Fairfield 47.77

Clayton Seibert, Whiteoak 53.69

Jason Moeller, Fairfield B 57.48

Girls 800-meter run

Ciara Colwell, Fairfield 2:41.26

Chloe Barber, Fairfield 2:56.97

Haleigh Bates, Fairfield B 3:40.92

Boys 800-meter run

Brandtson Duffie, Fairfield 2:02.09

Noah Richmond, Fairfield 2:04.93

Trent Swisher, Fairfield B 2:08.30

Matthew Mangus, Fairfield B 2:11.33

Hunter Morgan, Whiteoak 2:23.65

Cody Everhart, Whiteoak 2:42.62

Girls 200-meter dash

Taylor Tackett, Whiteoak 27.52

Kensley Bailey, Whiteoak 27.81

Paige Teeters, Fairfield 31.21

Mikayla Griffith, Fairfield 31.48

Aubrey Drabik, Fairfield B 33.53

Boys 200-meter dash

Derrick Ison, Whiteoak 23.97

Devon Haynes, Fairfield 24.88

Wyatt Fent, Fairfield 25.35

Tristan Victor, Fairfield B 26.31

Braighton Wise, Fairfield B 28.12

Clayton Seibert, Whiteoak 28.19

Girls 3200-meter run

Ciara Colwell, Fairfield 12:05.59

Chloe Barber, Fairfield 14:05.45

Sarah Wuellner, Fairfield B 16:32.87

Boys 3200-meter run

Wyatt Evans, Fairfield 10:39.54

Ethan Davis, Fairfield 10:50.03

Atlee Carr, Whiteoak 11:12.37

Girls 4×400-meter relay

Fairfield 4:43.67

Payton Harvey, Mikayla Griffith, Paige Teeters, Ciara Knisley

Boys 4×400-meter relay

Fairfield 3:43.64

Brandtson Duffie, Bennett Hodson, Noah Richmond

Fairfield B 3:53.83

Matthew Mangus, Dustin Huff, Tristan Victor, Dillon Burley

Whiteoak 4:20.66

James Taylor, Samuel Workman, Cody Everhart, Titus Taylor

Girls Discus Throw

Blake Adams, Fairfield 88-07

Bri Flint, Fairfield B 80-00

Morgan Baker, Fairfield 79-06

Willow Coates, Fairfield B 68-08

Rylee Ruble, Whiteoak 58-04

Caithlyn Woolums, Whiteoak 37-02

Boys Discus Throw

Tyler Barton, Fairfield 102-05

Ethan Whalen, Fairfield 87-11

Holden Ferguson, Fairfield B 83-10

Cody Marion, Whiteoak 66-11

Corey Allen, Fairfield B 64-02

Girls High Jump

Ciara Knisley, Fairfield 4-04.00

Girls Long Jump

Kensley Bailey, Whiteoak 14-02.00

Dakota Haynes, Fairfield 13-07.00

Trinity Huff, Fairfield 12-00.50

Boys Long Jump

Michael Mason, Fairfield 18-02.00

Bennett Hodson, Fairfield 15-03.00

Jacob Arledge, Whiteoak 14-01.50

Cody Adams, Whiteoak 14-00.50

Girls Shot Put

Blake Adams, Fairfield 36-04.00

Morgan Baker, Fairfield 26-07.00

Bri Flint, Fairfield B 26-06.75

Rylee Ruble, Whiteoak 23-00.50

Willow Coates, Fairfield B 20-09.00

Caithlyn Woolums, Whiteoak 18-08.25

Boys Shot Put

Tyler Barton, Fairfield 33-09.25

Holden Ferguson, Fairfield B 33-07.50

Ethan Whalen, Fairfield 31-05.00

Cody Marion, Whiteoak 27-09.00

Corey Allen, Fairfield B 24-04.25

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By Ryan Applegate

[email protected]