Fairfield falls to Williamsburg for first loss of season

By Ryan Applegate - [email protected]

Lady Lions left-fielder Shania Setty tracks down a fly ball for the final out of the sixth inning.

Lady Lions left-fielder Shania Setty tracks down a fly ball for the final out of the sixth inning.

Ryan Applegate | The Times-Gazette

The Fairfield Lady Lions (4-1, 3-0 SHAC) hosted the Williamsburg Lady Wildcats Saturday, in a losing effort, at Fairfield High School.

Despite a fabulous effort from the Lady Lions they fell 5-2 to the Lady Wildcats. Both teams were in the state tournament in 2016 with the Lady Lions falling in the elite eight and the Lady Wildcats losing in the final four.

Lady Lions’ starting pitcher Kaiti White pitched a complete game in the loss. White struck out three batters, allowed nine hits, didn’t allow a walk, and only gave up two earned runs.

After not having a single error in their first four games of the season the Lady Lions defense faltered on Saturday, recording their first three errors of the season allowing the Lady Wildcats to score three unearned runs.

The second inning saw the Lady Lions give up three runs to the Lady Wildcats effectively sealing their fate. The Lady Wildcats would add two more runs in the fourth inning to provide themselves with more than enough of a cushion for the win.

The Lady Indians’ defense woke up in the fourth inning allowing only one hit the rest of the way, and demonstrating the focus needed to be successful in the games to come.

Fairfield recorded their only two runs of the game in the third inning. Sherry Heckathorn scored from third on a wild pitch, and Megan Gragg on a ground-ball hit by Carli Reiber.

The Lady Lions mounted a mini rally in the bottom of the seventh inning, and had the winning run at the plate with the bases loaded, but were unable to convert with the last two batters striking out to end the game.

The Lady Wildcats’ Carly Wagers pitched a complete game as well. Wagers struck out 11 batters, allowed eight hits, and two earned runs.

Coach Mark Dettweiler said, “We knew it would be tough, we knew it would be a struggle, we knew we would have to bring our ‘A’ game…..we didn’t bring our ‘A’ game defensively today and the scoreboard reflected it.”

The Lady Lions are scheduled to face off against the league rival Peebles Lady Indians on Monday at Peebles High School. Both teams are undefeated in league play this year.

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Lady Lions left-fielder Shania Setty tracks down a fly ball for the final out of the sixth inning.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2017/04/web1_Setty_Catch-2.jpgLady Lions left-fielder Shania Setty tracks down a fly ball for the final out of the sixth inning. Ryan Applegate | The Times-Gazette

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