DNC 2016: Delegates from Kansas seek higher minimum wages, gun control


PHILADELPHIA — For delegates from Kansas, they want to hear Hillary Clinton talk about her plans for raising the minimum wage, gun control and equal pay for equal work.

Sage Tebeest, a Sanders delegate from Kansas, said she will support Clinton because “we can’t allow Donald Trump to be elected.”

Clinton has said she wants two create more, better paying jobs, raise the income level of the middle class and make it easier for young people to start small businesses. She favors raising the minimum wage.

The presidential nominee said “it’s time to face up to the reality of what family life is like today and to support families.”

She said millions of Americans are stuck with low paying work. Clinton said inequality is too high in today’s economy, wages are too low and it’s hard for hardworking people to get ahead.


By Bill O’Boyle

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