McClain Tigers travel to Unioto to take on the Sherman Tanks on Friday night


The McClain Tigers traveled to Chillicothe on Friday night to take on the Unioto Shermans. The Tigers lost 42 – 6 dropping their record to 0 – 2 on the season.

The Shermans scored with 2:12 in the quarter. The quarter ended with a score of 7-0 Sherman Tanks.

The second quarter started with the Tigers having possession of ball but lost it. The Tanks ran the ball 60 yards for their second touchdown of the game. Leading the game 14-0 early in the second quarter.

The Tigers next possession had a false start leading to a 5 yard penalty for a 1st and 15 and ended with no score.

The Tigers intercepted the ball against the Tanks giving them possession once again.

McClain QB Osbornes’ ball was intercepted giving the Tanks the ball once again.

With 26.1 seconds in the 2nd quarter the tanks scored their third touchdown leading the Tigers 21-0.

At the half the Sherman Tigers lead the McClain Tigers 21-0.

The start of the third quarter gives possession to the Tigers. Return of 5 yards, for the Tigers. The Tanks defense kept taking yards from the Tigers backing them to the one yard line. Having to punt the ball which gives the Tanks the ball resulting in their first. The Tigers got the ball back on an interception. They were tackled and the ball got loose giving the Tanks another chance to score, giving them a score of 28-0 at 7:29 in third quarter.

Every time the Tigers got the ball the offense of the Tanks were right on them.

With 33.4 left in the third the Shermans scored again giving them a lead of 35-0. The offense was keeping them at bay until a pass leading to their 1st down and subsequently a touchdown.

After three quarters the Tanks led 35-0.

The Tigers ball was intercepted giving the Tanks the ball again. With5:03 in the 4th the Tanks score again giving the Tanks a score of 42-0.

The Tigers got a touchdown with 3:58 left in quarter but, missed the extra point.

The final score was 42-6 in favor of the Sherman Tanks. The Tigers played hard but were unable to bring home a win.

Tina Johnson is a stringer for The Times-Gazette.

By Tina Johnson

For The Times-Gazette

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