Indians win Rotary Bowl


GREENFIELD- Tonight two Highland County football programs came out with something to prove against each other and to their towns, but the Indians proudly earn the 22-12 win and the Rotary Bowl to bring back home to Hillsboro for another year.

The McClain Tigers and Hillsboro Indians did not disappoint any of the fans in attendance on Nov. 1, as they both played every down with a full heart and motivation to take earn the bragging rights and victory over their inner county rivalry.

These two teams played every down like it was the last, however the Tribe and their strong offensive line and aggressive running game took the Tigers by storm.

Hillsboro onside kicked every return to McClain so starting out Landen Eubanks received the first onside kick to give the Tigers good placement on the procession, Dalton Mischal and Braden Wright had two small running yardage for a total of five yards and Matt Bliss could not move the ball and Mischal then fumbled on his next attempt with the ball in his hands, that turned into Hillsboro giving the ball to Mark Gallimore, Logan Hester, and Justin Spears and turning them loose on McClain to run the ball down the field leading to the first touchdown by Justin Spears with a 19 yard rushing touchdown and an extra point by Brook Haines with 6:03 left, the score was 7-0. The Tigers did not back down at this point by Mischal going for a total of 36 yards on the next procession and Bliss running in a 13 yard touchdown but failing to tie up the game with an extra point, making the score 6-7 with 2:03 left. Spears took off on the procession after the Tigers scored with a total of 14 yards but Mark Gallimore went down with an injury with 13 seconds left and gaining them a first down, Hillsboro took the ball in the second quarter.

The Tribe did not fear losing Gallimore at this point but Spears did attempt a pass that ended up being intercepted by Braden Wright 10 seconds into the second quarter but not let that stop them. Hillsboro and McClain ended up turning over back to back processions. Logan Hester took control of the running game for the Hillsboro Indians but the McClain defense would not back down and final score going in the third quarter was 6-7, Hillsboro over the Tigers.

Hester came back out hunting down yardage for the Indians could not be stopped and scored a scored a touchdown making the score 15-6 with 6:22 left in the third quarter, McClain could not accomplish anything the rest of the third quarter.

Indians gained the last touchdown for the team with 3:35 left with a seven yard touchdown by Logan Hester once again. Tigers tried to fight back by scoring a 22 yard reception to Mischal however they failed to make a two point conversion and came up short with two minutes left in the game, giving Hillsboro the ball to end the game.

“We losing a lot of great kids after this season and we are going to miss them and we will need a lot of kids to step.” said Coach O’Rourke

“We are losing 18 seniors and they were all be pieces to the team and they will be missed.” said Coach Orr-Zody

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Spears going out for a pass shown above going out for a pass shown above Tate Erkenbrecher | The Times-Gazette

Mischal running with the ball shown above running with the ball shown above Tate Erkenbrecher | The Times-Gazette

The Rotary Bowl champions shown above Rotary Bowl champions shown above Tate Erkenbrecher | The Times-Gazette
Hillsboro Indians win 4th consecutive Rotary Bowl

By Tate Erkenbrecher [email protected]

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