Next two series will decide if Reds ownership buys


Want to become a buyer by the deadline and try to make a run, Reds fans? Well, this Reds team needs to win these next two series against the Pirates and Cardinals or we might just find our beloved team as sellers before the deadline. This will now be a massively tall task with Friedl back on the injured list, but Marte will be returning to this lineup very soon from his PEDS suspension.

I won’t list out all of the players that have missed time and bore you with that, as I am tired of the excuses just as much as anyone else. It’s been an injury nightmare, but it is time to put the negatives aside, win some ballgames, and find a way to get Friedl back to 100 percent. Our pitching has been phenomenal, Candelario is the hottest batter in baseball, and our lineup should be able to produce enough to beat the Pirates and Cardinals regularly. Win now and get back to .500 as quick as possible as this team needs to buy an outfield bat and an arm quick.

I want candy

Everyone who grew up in the early 2000s remembers the “I Want Candy” hit, right? Well the Reds’ Candy has been the best Reds signing that I can recall in recent years. He is playing at an All-Star level even with a lingering injury. He has eight home runs in June, 18 RBIs, and has been the power bat that this team desperately needs. Along with Candelario, Jonathan India is having a resurgent June. Over the last five days Jonathan is batting .421, with two doubles, a home run, and three runs. If these two can carry this team through the next two series the Reds could be in a very good place with all things considered to begin 2024.

Who is Levi Jordan?

With Friedl’s injury along with Will Benson’s, the Reds recently called up Levi Jordan. At 28 years old, he will be making his MLB debut as he was crushing the baseball at .302 in AAA. He deserves this opportunity and I am excited to see yet another player get a chance to make an impact on this injury-plagued roster. The former minor league Cubs player has versatility, speed and a record of hitting the ball. Levi joins Blake Dunn, Conner Capel, Mike Ford, Jacon Hurtubise and others who I never expected to truly be batting for this Reds roster at the beginning of the year. Good luck Levi!

Random comments and facts

· I broke my elbow and ankle over the weekend. The Reds injury plague has been contagious and now reached a Reds fan all the way in Peebles. Yikes

· David Bell is now tied with Sparky Anderson (30) for the most ejections in Reds history.

· I love Will Benson and believe he will figure things out. However, even before this injury he can no longer bat for this Reds team. He has to go back down, as staying up on the major league roster is hurting himself and the team. At .192 and 97 strikeouts (third most in MLB), he needs a break from the game.

· I am still thinking about that Fairchild catch in foul territory and horrible throw. What was that?

· Elly De La Cruz is finding his way again and the most impressive takeaway for me is how comfortable he looks from the right side of the plate.

· It’s time for old school baseball. If you want to block the plate, so be it, but expect to get drilled. This whole rule of the ball allowing the defensive player to get in the path, but not allowing the offensive player to run them over is unfair to the offense. Why should they have to avoid contact and miss the bag or plate because they didn’t have a clear path? The new rule has failed miserably and has almost become a questionable penalty-like flag in a football game where nobody knows what the call is truly going to be.

Matthew McAdow is a Peebles resident. He works in human resources in the nuclear industry and has been an avid Cincinnati fan his entire life. He is an Ohio Christian University graduate and has always enjoyed giving an honest opinion on multiple topics regarding Cincinnati sports.

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