India is having the best stretch of his career


Jonathan India is the best batter in all of baseball over the last few weeks and is having the best stretch of baseball in his entire career, including his rookie of the year campaign. As of Monday morning he was 17-30 with seven singles and 10 doubles in his last seven games. He hit a double in seven straight games, which is a new Cincinnati record. Among National League second basemen, he ranked fourth in batting average (.279), first in OBP (.383), and first in BB% (12.9%).

In the last seven days, India was batting .577, last 15 days is batting .440, and last 30 days is batting .385. There should be an appeal process and the MLB needs a panel for deciding all-stars. Fans vote for their favorite players and the most popular players. The most popular players are not always the best and it relies too heavily on teams with the biggest fan bases.

Injuries gave robbed fans

Injuries and the Marte suspension have robbed Cincinnati fans of watching one the best teams put together in the last 20 years. Yes, injuries happen, I get it. But in my lifetime as a Reds fan, nothing has been even remotely close to what has happened in 2024. In 2024, Cincinnati has been without their starting second baseman, starting first baseman, starting centerfielder, starting third baseman and more for the majority of the season. Let’s take a look at the injuries to this roster:

· Matt McLain – Missed 80-plus games and might be back in late August.

· Noelvi Marte – PEDS suspension, missed 81 games. Now back on the roster.

· Christian Encarnacion-Strand – Missed 50-plus games and is likely out the rest of the season.

· TJ Friedl- Missed 50-plus games and is needed mightily on this roster.

· Jeimer Candelario – Ten-plus games missed and now has a lingering tendinitis issue.

· Jake Fraley – 20-plus games missed, lost weight, and lost a lot of power.

· Edwin Arroyo – One of the best Reds prospects in the last few years and would certainly be on the roster, but had a season ending injury.

· Emilio Pagan – Missed a majority of the season and was a major addition during the offseason.

· Nick Lodolo – Now dealing with a finger blister and out for two weeks.

· Tejay Antone – Out for the year, dejavu.

· Brandon Williamson – Another setback and has yet to debut.

· Ian Gibaut – 60-day injury list; forearm.

After looking at this, it is remarkable that Cincinnati is hovering around .500 baseball. Injuries aside though, this team still has enough in them to make a playoff run. Keep battling.

Yankees, Tigers, Rockies, Marlins

Excluding this final game against the Cardinals as I am writing this, the Reds have the Yankees, Tigers, Rockies and Marlins left before the All-Star Break. The goal is to be at .500 before the break, but this will be a tough task with the injuries and schedule ahead. While Spiers has been serviceable in the rotation, Ashcraft has rejoined this team and his return was far from what we are used to seeing from Graham in seasons prior. With Lodolo injured, Cincinnati needs Graham to come back to form and as competitive as he is, I am confident in him figuring it out. Find a way to win the next few series, add an outfield bat, add an arm, and make a run for it.

Q&A with Reds Levi Jordan

Levi Jordan kindly joined Matt’s Take this week to discuss his debut, his approach to the game, and Cincinnati essentials. At age 28, Levi is having his dreams fulfilled and is taking advantage of his opportunities when they arise. He was a walk-on for the Washington Huskies and helped lead them to the College World Series. With the numerous injuries on this roster, Levi will continue to get at-bats and have more opportunities for the Cincinnati Reds. Keep up the good work, Levi.

Q: What did it feel like stepping up to the plate for the first time as a big league player?

A: “The first at bat was one I’ll never forget. As I walked up to the plate one thing I noticed was how loud the fans were. It was such a welcoming moment, the Cincinnati people were pouring out love and support.”

Q: Have you tried the Cincinnati essentials yet, Skyline, LaRosa’s or Graeter’s?

A: “I have yet to try the essentials. Hope I get around to them soon.”

Q: What is your goal for the rest of the season?

A: “Just play hard and put together good at bats to help contribute toward wins. Whenever my name gets called I will be ready.”

Q: How would you describe your style of play?

A: “I am able to play multiple positions on defense and at the plate I try to be a tough out and use the whole field to collect hits, drive in runs, or hit situationally.”

Q: What is going through your mind as you are on-deck and awaiting a plate appearance?

A: “On deck is a time for me to dial in my timing and see the pitchers release point. I will usually stand there as if I’m in the batters box and practice loading on time.”

Q: What is your favorite college sports memory?

A: “2018 college World Series run with the University of Washington by a landslide. I still keep in touch with all those guys and it was an incredible season we had.”

Matthew McAdow is a Peebles resident. He works in human resources in the nuclear industry and has been an avid Cincinnati fan his entire life. He is an Ohio Christian University graduate and has always enjoyed giving an honest opinion on multiple topics regarding Cincinnati sports.

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