McClain implements new lunch policy

By Calee Jones - MHS journalism student

Greenfield McClain High School Principal Jason Potts has implemented a new lunch policy for ineligible students. For the school year 2016-17, ineligible students will not be allowed to go downtown for lunch. Instead, they must eat in assigned seats in the cafetorium.

“The thought came to me on a bus ride to a college visit,” Potts explained. He went on to say that to stay eligible, students must be passing a minimum of five classes and have a GPA (grade point average) of 1.51 or above. If a student does not meet these requirements they will be subjected to stay on campus for lunch. If a student leaves, they will be subject to disciplinary action.

“It will be a progressive policy,” Potts said. “The more times a student misses, the worse the punishment will be.”

Each student will be able to earn back their open lunch privileges at each interim report, which is halfway through the nine-week grading period. Potts is hoping this new policy will inspire more people to stay eligible.

Submitted by Lori Tuttle, English language arts teacher, McClain High School.

By Calee Jones

MHS journalism student