4-H provides every day life lessons

Being in 4-H has many beneficial aspects by providing learning experiences that prepare members for every day life.

Members of 4-H select and take projects during the year that include science, math, woodworking, sewing and animal husbandry. Believe me, the options are endless.

The projects are meant to serve as life lessons for successful adulthood and a memorable childhood. Clubs have regular meetings throughout the year that give members a chance to extend their experiences with fellow members. Meetings are great windows of opportunity to be learning experiences as well.

The Highland Harvester’s 4-H advisors decided to give their members an interactive lesson on basic finances and check-writing skills. Understanding one’s finances is an important daily real life task that will aid in becoming a successful and responsible adult.

Erin Matthews, a club advisor, prepared packets for members to practice handwriting their own checks. Then members followed through with the process by making sure they kept track of the money they spent by filling out their ledger accounts, finishing out the lesson with adding up what was left after purchases were made.

Some members were surprised at all the detail involved in just tracking the use of their funds/income.

While technology will continue to influence the way we manage finances, the fundamentals of money management are one of the many life lessons 4-H helps its members develop.

Submitted by Beth Roehm and Amy Baldwin, Highland Harvesters 4-H Club.
4-H provides every day life lessons