McClain wins district soils contest

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On Oct. 1 the McClain FFA dominated district soils, placing first overall.

A combined total of 12 members competed. The members that competed in the ag soils contest were Alex Snyder, Richie Lester, Natalie Rolfe, Brogen Villars, Noah Reeves and Lucas Jansen.

Josie Crabtree, Caleb Cook, Emalee Montgomery, Sarah Snyder, Cate Willis and Blythe Bolender competed in urban soils.

In ag soils, Alex Snyder placed firsrt, Richie Lester placed second, Natalie Rolfe placed seventh and Brogen Villars placed ninth. In urban soils, Caleb Cook placed second, Josie Crabtree placed third, Emalee Montgomery placed fourth and Cate Willis placed seventh.

Moving on to state soils contest are Alex Snyder, Natalie Rolfe, Richie Lester and Brogen Villars for ag soils, and for urban soils Caleb Cook, Josie Crabtree, Emalee Montgomery and Cate Willis.

Submitted by Holly Badgley.

Submitted story