2018 Primary Election final results

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Following are the complete results of the 2018 Primary Election in Highland County, as approved Tuesday by the Highland County Board of Elections.


Mike DeWine, Republican, 2,200

Mary Taylor, Republican, 1,756

Richard Cordray, Democrat, 639

Dennis Kucinich, Democrat, 114

Bill O’Neill, Democrat, 47

Joe Schiavoni, Democrat, 45

Larry Ealy, Democrat, 22

Paul Ray, Democrat, 20

Constance Gadell-New, Green, 1

Attorney General

Dave Yost, Republican, 3,097

Steve Dettelbach, Democrat, 704


Keith Faber, Republican, 2,962

Zack Space, Democrat, 704

Secretary of State

Frank LaRose, Republican, 2,910

Kathleen Clyde, Democrat, 698

Treasurer of State

Robert Sprague, Republican, 1,790

Sandra O’Brien, Republican, 1,598

Rob Richardson, Democrat, 690

U.S. Senate

Jim Renacci, Republican, 1,563

Mike Gibbons, Republican, 1,250

Sherrod Brown, Democrat, 813

Melissa Ackison, Republican, 425

Dan Kiley, Republican, 223

Don Elijah Eckhart, Republican, 120

Representative to Congress, 2nd District

Brad Wenstrup, Republican, 3,423

Jill Schiller, Democrat, 394

Janet Everhard, Democrat, 280

William R. Smith, Democrat, 143

Justice of the Supreme Court, 1-1 term

Craig Baldwin, Republican, 2,870

Michael P. Donnelly, Democrat, 721

Justice of the Supreme Court, 1-2 term

Mary DeGenaro, Republican, 2,735

Melody J. Stewart, Democrat, 722

Judge of the Fourth District Court of Appeals, 2-9 term

Kris D. Blanton, Republican, 1,528

Jason P. Smith, Republican, 1,493

Marie Hoover, Democrat, 710

Judge of the Fourth District Court of Appeals, 2-10 term

Mike Hess, Republican, 2,217

Kathleen Madden, Republican, 1,009

Valarie K. Gerlach, Democrat, 702

State Central Committee Man, 17th District

Phil A. Bowman, Republican, 2,117

Charles Krabbe, Republican, 757

State Central Committee Woman, 17th District

Bonnie Ward, Republican, 2,784

Stacy Brooks, Democrat, 719

State Senator, 17th District

Bob Peterson, Republican, 2,928

Scott M. Dailey, Democrat, 711

State Representative, 91st District

Shane Wilkin, Republican, 2,830

Beth Ellis, Republican, 1,212

Justin Grimes, Democrat, 704

County Commissioner, 1-1 term

Jeff Duncan, Republican, 3,294

John D. Knauff, Democrat, 749

County Auditor

Bill Fawley, Republican,3,442

Issue 1

Yes 3,071

No 1,694

Issue 2 (Eastern Joint Fire Department levy, three mills)

For 103

Against 94

Issue 3 (Village of Highland current expenses levy renewal, two and a half mills, five years)

For 17

Against 14

Issue 4 (Village of Lynchburg current expenses levy renewal, one mills, five years)

For 102

Against 73

Issue 5 (Village of Lynchburg street maintenance levy renewal, five mills, five years)

For 98

Against 76

Issue 6 (Village of Mowrystown current expenses levy renewal, five mills, five years)

For 19

Against 17

Issue 7 (Union Township cemetery maintenance levy, 0.5 mills, five years)

Against 139

For 100

Highland County Republican Central Committee

Terry G. Washburn (Greenfield South) 74 votes

Roger L. Huffman (Hamer Northeast) 122 votes

Charles H. Walker (Hamer Northwest) 130 votes

James M. Grove (Hamer Southeast) 87 votes

Winona G. Swayne (Hamer Southwest A) 81 votes

Richard R. Donley (Hamer Southwest B) 91 votes

Shawn C. Priest (Liberty East) 78 votes

Kevin Zimmerman (Fairfield East) 117 votes

Barbara Hodge (Fairfield West) 53 votes

James A. Burton (Lynchburg) 121 votes

Bill Fawley (Dodson) 102 votes

Linda K. Roush (Whiteoak) 97 votes

Jeff Ryan (Brush Creek) 88 votes

Aric Fiscus (Clay) 130 votes

Chuck Emery (Concord) 137 votes

Philip J. Weyrich (Jackson) 92 votes

Susan Parker (Liberty Northeast) 88 votes

Montey Scott (Liberty Northwest) 122 votes

P. Dean Otworth (Liberty South) 197 votes

Donnie Barrera (New Market) 216 votes

Steven K. Karnes (Paint North) 66 votes

Roger D. Ruggles (Paint Southwest) 79 votes

Jeff Duncan (Penn) 144 votes

Karen Faust (Salem) 58 votes

Peggy J.Hite (Union) 156 votes

John B. Setty (Washington) 82 votes

Highland County Democratic Central Committee

Brenda Losey (Greenfield North) 41 votes

Carolyn L. Goins (Hamer Northeast) 37 votes

Kate Cameron (Hamer Northwest) 43 votes

Charlotte Harbut (Hamer Southeast) 25 votes

Christy L. Snider (Hamer Southwest A) 25 votes

Pamela Limes (Hamer Southwest B) 27 votes

Freddie Snyder (Liberty East) 20 votes

Terry Moore (Lynchburg) 16 votes

Nancy Shaffer (Dodson) 12 votes

Andy West (Whiteoak) 36 votes

John D. Knauff (Brush Creek) 21 votes

Jolene Walker (Liberty Northeast) 22 votes

Linda Emery (Liberty South) 26 votes

Robert D. McCray (Madison) 28 votes

Dinah T. Phillips (Marshall) 32 votes

Chester Stephan (New Market) 23 votes

Linda K. Griffith (Paint North) 24 votes

Angela Mustard (Paint Southeast) 40 votes

Ronald L. Davis (Penn) 14 votes

Joseph R. Fraysier (Union) 20 votes


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