Another violation gets teen 2 months at facility

Infant removed from home after injury, alleged drug activity

By Angela Shepherd - [email protected]

A teenager familiar with Highland County Juvenile Court admitted on Friday to violating his probation again. This week was at least his fourth appearance in the court this year.

Initially, the 13-year-old was placed on community control about a year ago after admitting to theft and disorderly conduct. Earlier this year he spent some time in detention, and also admitted to violating a no contact order previously placed by the court.

On Friday the boy admitted to violating his probation again, with this violation involving another charge of disorderly conduct.

He was ordered to a juvenile detention facility in Troy for 60 days where he will receive “intensive counseling,” according to assistant prosecutor Molly Bolek.

Upon his release, the teenager will remain on community control indefinitely.

In other hearings, a 15-year-old will spend the next couple weeks in detention after he admitted to misdemeanor assault, unruliness, and school truancy.

The teenager has been held in detention since early November. This week, after admitting to the charges, he was given a 90-day stint in detention with 60 days suspended on the condition that he not violate the law or orders of the court.

He was ordered to serve 30 days, which will be up in early December. Upon his release, he will be on community control for an indefinite period of time.

Another teenager on Friday was put on reporting probation after he admitted to misdemeanor criminal trespass. The 15-year-old is also required to perform eight hours of community service.

A 15-year-old, who had been taken into custody after an altercation with an adult, this week was allowed to be released from detention. He is set for another hearing in the juvenile court next week.

In an emergency hearing this week, temporary custody of an infant is now with Highland County Children Services until further hearings on the matter.

The child, according to the complaint, received burns to its face after falling into an electric heater while the parents were allegedly under the influence of marijuana. Also alleged is that marijuana trafficking was occurring at the residence.

The matter came before the court the day after the alleged incident. Custody will remain with the Children Services agency until further order from the court.

In another hearing, four children ranging in age from teenager to toddler have been allowed by the court to reside with their mother under one year of court-ordered protective supervision.

The children’s father has been ordered to live elsewhere, and will have supervised visitation.

The case initially was brought to the court due to alleged drug activity and the state of the home in which the children lived.

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Infant removed from home after injury, alleged drug activity

By Angela Shepherd

[email protected]