Seed exchange program at library

Davidson: ‘Libraries are much more like community centers nowadays’

By Juliane Cartaino - For The Times-Gazette

Libraries might be known as a good place to find reading material, but a new program taking place March 3-17 at the Highland County District Library in Hillsboro will offer patrons a unique opportunity — the chance to pick up plant seeds or donate seeds to share with others, according to Highland District Library Circulation Manager Sarah Davidson.

Davidson said that this is the first year the library will sponsor a seed exchange, and that the inspiration for the event came from multiple sources. Impetus for the program, Davidson said, came from a “generous patron” who had, “approached us about donating seeds.”

In addition to the generosity of the patron, Davidson said that the event was also inspired by, “the plant exchange that the Greenfield branch has every year.” Davidson said, “we decided to put our own spin on that, but with the seeds.”

Davidson further explained how the program will be arranged.

“We will have a variety of seeds set up on a table,” she said. “Patrons can choose seeds to take home with them and can also drop off seeds to share with others.”

Davidson previously explained that in planning sponsored activities and programs, “We definitely listen to the community and their interests.”

The seed exchange is just one of many programs geared toward appealing to the diverse concerns and avocations of the public, and Davidson said that demographic diversity is part of the overriding goal of such planned events.

“Many patrons,” Davidson said, “when they come into the library tend to think that library fun is just for kids. That’s just not true. While we love our kid patrons, who says we have to stop having fun just because we get older?”

Davidson described the efficacy of more adult-oriented programs as part of a changing and evolving trend toward the explanation of libraries as more than simply dedicated reading and research edifices.

“Libraries are much more like community centers nowadays,” Davidson explained.

The public’s anticipatory reactions to the seed exchange have been overwhelmingly positive, as evidenced by comments on the library’s Facebook post announcing the upcoming event.

“This should be a really fun way for all the green thumbs in Highland County to trade seeds,” Davidson said.

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Juliane Cartaino is a stringer for The Times-Gazette.

Davidson: ‘Libraries are much more like community centers nowadays’

By Juliane Cartaino

For The Times-Gazette