Recycling drop-off locations in Highland County

District says use of bins is increasing

By Jeff Gilliland - [email protected]

Despite a number of recent changes in recycling locations, the Ross Pickaway Highland Fayette Solid Waste Management District says it has witnessed a significant increase in the number of bottles, cans, paper and plastics being deposited at its numerous locations.

Throughout its four-county district there have been 19 recent drop-off location changes, but not as many in Highland County, according to Erica Tucker, an administrative assistant for the district.

“We just wanted to get the message out across district where our locations are in case you’re looking for them,” Tucker said. “In Highland County we’ve taken away a couple locations due to the request of businesses, but we have not had to change a lot.”

The current recycling drop off locations in Highland County are as follows, along with a schedule of when the bins are emptied.

In Hillsboro they are:

• BMV Office, 1575 N. High St., (located behind office at back of parking lot), pick-up day is Tuesday.

• CM Recycling, 131 Catherine St., pick-up day in Tuesday.

• Sunoco, 489 E. Main St., pick-up days are Tuesday and Friday.

Other Highland County locations include:

• Greenfield – Sunoco, 950 N. Washington St., pick-up days are Tuesday and Friday.

• Rainsboro – Rocky Fork Truck Stop, 12410 U.S. Route 50, pick-up days and Tuesday and Thursday.

• New Market – Seeger’s Food Mart, U.S. Route 62 and West New Market Road, pick-up day is Thursday.

• Lynchburg – Terry’s Grocery, 1505 U.S. Route 50 near SR 134, pick-up day is Thursday.

• Mowrystown – 138 W. Main St., pick-up day is on call.

• Leesburg – 116 S. Fairfield St., pick-up day is Friday.

• Marshall – Marshall Mini Mart, 11070 SR 506, pick-up day is Thursday.

For more information contact Rhonda Smalley at Highland County Recycling at 937-393-1911.

Tucker said that items should not be placed outside the recycling bins at any of the locations. She said if the bins are full, people should wait until they are emptied. She also said the bins should be clearly marked with information pertaining to what can, and what cannot, be placed in the bins.

What can be placed in the bins are glass bottles and jars, paper, aluminum cans, cardboard or paperboard, steel cans, and plastic bottles and jugs.

What cannot be placed in the bins is anything other than the above items.

“We just hope people have common sense and read the stickers on the bins that show what you can drop-off,” Tucker said.

The solid waste district said in a news release that using the bins helps conserve natural resources and minimizes what goes into landfills.

“The Ross Pickaway Highland Fayette Solid Waste Management District wants to commend all the loyal and dedicated residents who are continuing to use the drop-off recycling bins in our four counties,” the news release said. “Thanks for your patience and perseverance. And, a big thanks to the green businesses and agencies who allow recycling bins at their locations. Without their support and patience, we wouldn’t be able to provide the recycling opportunities that we do.”

For more information on recycling in the four counties, visit the district’s website at

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District says use of bins is increasing

By Jeff Gilliland

[email protected]