Hillsboro Police Department reports

The Hillsboro Police Department has released the following information:

Oct. 6


The police department received a complaint of money missing from a wallet. The victim stated he had left his wallet behind at a business on Harry Sauner Road. An officer obtained surveillance video of the reported incident and it was observed that while the victim was in the checkout, his wallet was left behind at the register. A female in the checkout lane was observed concealing the wallet and placing it in her purse. Beth Kell, 38, of Hillsboro, was arrested for theft.

Oct. 7


Scottie Boone, 39, of Hillsboro, was cited for driving under suspension.


At 1:25 p.m., the police department responded to North High Sttrrt and North Street for a report of a two-car crash. Brenda McGinnis, of Hillsboro, was traveling north on North High Street while Dorothy Porter of Hillsboro was exiting the parking lot of US Bank, attempting to make a right turn to travel on North High Street. Porter failed to see McGinnis and struck the right side of McGinnis’ vehicle causing minor damage to both vehicles. No injuries were reported.

Oct. 8


Evelyn Doughman, 36, of Hillsboro, was arrested for endangering children.

Linda A Wilkinson, 65, of Hillsboro, was cited for speed.

A 17-year-old Hillsboro female juvenile was cited for failure to yield.

Oct. 9


Nathan Fowler, 20,Martinsville, was arrested on a failure to appear bench warrant.

Tyrone Huston, 26, Martinsville, was arrested on a failure to appear bench warrant.

A.S. Hemdan, 38, was arrested for domestic violence.

Jacklynn Wooten, 33, was arrested for domestic violence.


At 10:26 a.m., Mary Walker, of Lynchburg, and Brenda Wahl, of Hillsboro, were both stopped at the stop sign at West Walnut and South Elm Street. Walker was continuing straight through the stop sign and Wahl was attempting to turn right. Both vehicles were stopped at the same time and both accelerated at the same time. Walker’s vehicle struck Wahl’s vehicle. No injuries were reported. Both vehicles received moderate damage. No citations were issued.