Garden Club gears up for fair

President Nancy Sonner called the meeting to order on Aug. 25 and members stood for the Pledge of Allegiance and singing of “God Bless America.” A very interesting horticulture specimen was displayed and explained by Ruth Anna Duff. A dwarf Morning Glory variety, ‘Blue the Mind,’ that does not resemble the vine we know as a Morning Glory. This low-growing plant is grown as an annual in our area and is six to 12 inches tall and wide, ever-blooming with small blue flowers progressing up the stems. It grows in full sun and does not appear to be bothered by insects. A wonderful carefree plant for the front of the bed or as a specimen plant.

We are gearing up for the Highland County Fair Flower Shows. Sign-ups for building sitting, floral designs entered, and sneak peeks at the awards for Junior entries were important items to discuss. We are hoping the unusual weather did not affect the Horticultural classes very much and that entries will remain high. Also high on the agenda was the approval of the new slate of officers for the next two years. New officers are: President, Nancy Baldwin; vice president, Rose Marie Cowdrey; secretary, Carol Gorby; treasurer, Ruth Anna Duff; publicity, Nancy Sonner; and county contact chair, Larry Moore.

Other items the club acted upon were recommendations for Landscaping Awards, participation in the Holiday Parade, details for the Region 16 Fall Meeting on Oct. 8, a new Design Study Workshop covering an Oriental Design on Oct. 24, and decorating the Deer Creek State Park Lodge for Christmas. A thank you letter was also received from Wahkeena Nature Preserve for our donations in honor of Dan Cowdrey and Louise Sprinkle.

Hostesses Ruth Anna Duff and Teresa Cudkowicz served chocolate or lemon cake with a luscious nut topping, iced tea, lemonade and mixed nuts in preparation to tackle our program, “Prepare for the Fair.” Under the direction of Larry Moore, all members rolled up their sleeves and dug in to clean and fill specimen vases, clean the tables, remove spider webs and dust bunnies from the ceiling to the floor, wield the gigantic 4-foot dust mop and re-arrange the tables for the Dahlia Show on Sept. 7. Mission accomplished – now spic and span and ready for guests! We hope you come to see our Flower Shows at Floral Hall during the great Highland County Fair!

Submitted by Carol Gorby, secretary.