Letter to the Editor: Insider Wilkin has not answered questions

To the editor:

“Once Upon A Time; Long, Long Ago, Truth Was Important…” It is a privilege to be an American and our highest allegiance is to the truth, not a person.

Shane Wilkin and Beth Ellis are running for state representative in the 91st District. Wilkin, our own in Highland County, is an insider. He heads up the county commissioners and heads up the Highland County Republican Central Committee. He is a man of influence in Highland County. Folks here in Highland County have unanswered questions.

First, the DOJ $844,000 grant to Rocky Fork Lake. A public records request was made on March 6th for the communications surrounding the withholding of the grant monies. The commissioners have not complied. Why?.

On March 19th, Wilkin met with nine DOJ officials in DC for a two hour meeting. ”We worked out a plan to move the grant forward.” In another public records request, reported, “Mr. Wilkin took no notes and therefore has nothing to provide.” The clerk’s notes, 35 words.

Why this withholding of information? Are there politically embarrassing details? Could the grant be lost already? We don’t know. Why?

More unanswered questions on felony theft in office of commissioner’s clerk. From July 2017 to Nov. 2017, $2,845.22 taxpayer money stolen. And the rest of the five years the clerk was employed? The county auditor was not asked, nor did he have anything to do with the audit. So who did the audit and for what time period? We don’t know. Why?

Mr. Wilkin was endorsed by the Republican Central Committee, which he heads, even before the filing deadline and all declared candidates were known. Why?

Although the date was available, Mr. Wilkin declined to attend the Patriot/Tea Party Meet the Candidates meeting. No reason given. Only such meeting offered in Highland County. Why?

One other personal comment. Negative ads are being mailed portraying Beth Ellis in a demeaning, subordinate way. Shane says he can’t stop them. Since they are on your behalf, Mr. Wilkin, I think you owe an apology to women in the 91st District.

Campaigning is difficult. We commend all candidates offering themselves in leadership for the rest of us.

If Mr. Wilkin should lose this political race, it won’t be because of a person, or persons, or an organization, or money, or endorsements. He will lose it all by himself.

Barb Cole

Member, Republican Central Committee