Updated: Final unofficial Hillsboro city council, treasurer results

Final unofficial results for absentee votes for contested Hillsboro city races.

City Treasurer:

Patricia Burns, Democrat, 589

Amy Robinson, Republican. 585

Council-at-Large (3 to be elected):

Brandon Leeth, Democrat; 644

Tracy Aranyos (i) Republican 530

Justin Harsha (i), Republican; 874

Ann E. Morris (i), Republican, 543

Council Ward 1:

Rob Smith, Democrat; 118

Adam Wilkin, Republican 163

Council Ward 2:

Jason L. Burns, Democrat; 134

Claudia Klein (i), Republican 136

Council Ward 3:

Tim Countryman, Democrat 88

Wendy Culbreath, Republican 119

Council Ward 4:

Mary B. Stanforth, Democrat 279

Jason Grove, Republican 132