Church giving out senior food boxes


The Highland County Church of Christ is providing Senior Food Boxes containing canned and shelf-stable items and cheese at the church between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. on the third Friday of each month.

The food is provided by the Freestore Foodbank in Cincinnati. “They say that the need in Highland County is much higher than the food that’s being given out and the food that is being received by people, and for that reason we have combined forces with them, and they are supplying the food, and we are handing the food out,” said Dale Schraw, a church member and volunteer.

The food boxes are free to anyone age 60 or older with a financial need. “They have some financial qualifications that have to do with how many people are in the household and income, so, if you’re really well off you probably don’t qualify, but otherwise most of the folks we meet are on Social Security or they are retired and their income has been cut, and they’re having a difficult time buying food,” said Schraw.

Schraw said the church has some holiday food boxes left over that can go to younger people who are in need.

The Senior Food Boxes consist primarily of canned goods. “Generally, they come with milk – either powdered or shelf-stable milk – and they come with vegetables and sometimes fruit,” said Schraw.

Cereal and a block of cheese are also included in the boxes. “The only thing that is not shelf-stable that is included is a block of cheese that needs to be refrigerated,” said Schraw. “Everything else can be place on a shelf until it is opened.”

The church has been handing out the food boxes for several months. “The food bank has been very generous in delivering everything to us and helping us to get things started,” said Schraw.

Schraw said in addition to the food boxes, the church also provides showers, and a washer and dryer by appointment. “We’re doing some things a little different than others around us, and we’re trying to reach out to those who are really needy,” he said.

The church also hosts a gathering for teens that includes food on Wednesdays starting at 5:30 p.m.

“We’re just doing what we can for the community,” said Schraw.

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