Greenfield resident in video


A new music video filmed in Greenfield premieres this week. The video is set under the Jefferson Street bridge on the banks of Paint Creek. With the rusty, old DT&I Railroad bridge in the background, the video stars Greenfield resident Summer Haubeil as a solemn, but musical, river faerie.

The video is the creation of Toadstool Shadow, a Chillicothe music and arts collective. Toadstool Shadow has been credited as being a pioneer of the burgeoning New Fairy Tale Revival art movement, a news release said.

“I like the idea of another world, a strange world of faeries and elves, living under bridges,” explains Toadstool Shadow’s creative director Chris Till. “Everyday, we drive over bridges at high rates of speed, oblivious to the secret world of wonder that might exist under them.”

The song “Mushroom Rock” is about a 30-foot tall rock formation in Kansas. “It looks exactly like a giant stone toadstool,” said Till. “It’s easy to imagine people gathering around it, honoring and celebrating its mysterious majesty.”

Musically, “Mushroom Rock” is a mix of two styles. The verse is spoken, not sung, like Jim Morrison in the Doors’ “An American Prayer” album. The chorus is sung in four-part harmony by Ellie DeGarmo, Brittney Fuller, Nightshade the Faerie Queen, and Steve Hesterman and sounds like the Brothers Grimm took a trip to Cuba.

“The Brothers Grimm excelled at turning ordinary landscapes into lands of enchantment,” said Till. “And that’s what we’re doing with this song, too.”

The video can be viewed on Toadstool Shadow’s YouTube channel —

The story was submitted by Chris Till of Toadstill Shawdow.

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