Mowrystown FFA harvests its own corn crop


The Mowrystown FFA Chapter recently harvested its 2022 corn crop.

Early in 2022 the Bright Local School District purchased a parcel of land near Whiteoak High School for future development into a sports complex. The agronomy class at Whiteoak developed a plan and budget for the potential use of the land for the 2022 growing season and presented it to the school board, then the board and superintendent Michael Bick approved the plan and the FFA members began putting it into action.

Members contacted Ethan Howard of Channel Seed and he graciously agreed to donate corn seed, they then contacted John Gillespie and he agreed to help members with machinery needed to plant and harvest the corn crop.

On May 15, Gillespie and chapter members planted the seed, a truly hands-on experience with members actually running the equipment. Nutrien in Mowrystown then developed a fertilization and pest management plan with the help of Bruce Frazer and Steve Emery.

Mowrystown experienced nearly perfect weather for growing corn and as the members monitored the progress of the crop it was a nervous yet exciting growing season. In late fall the crop was ready to harvest and Gillespie again stepped up providing a combine to harvest while again allowing members to operate the combine while harvesting their crop.

Todd Brandenburg of Brandenburg Fish Hatchery brought a grain cart to help speed up harvesting and Jason Campbell and Barry Barr of Ervin Hill Industries provided the chapter a semi rig to haul the grain to market. The grain was shipped to Winchester Ag and Premiere grain and was sold on the spot.

The crop yielded an amazing 254 bushels per acre at 15.2 percent moisture.

The Mowrystown FFA members are truly appreciative of the support they have received from everyone involved in their first year having a true working land lab.

Submitted by Elly McMullen, Mowrystown FFA reporter.

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